Old and Valuable Trees


OVTs Trail

Trees are our heritage and precious natural resources.  To enhance the care and appreciation of the visitors on Old and Valuable Trees (OVTs) in the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens (HKZBG), the HKZBG has developed an OVTs Trail to link 23 numbers of OVTs in the Gardens to strengthen the knowledge and interest of the visitors on the valuable trees assets.

OVT Registration NoSpecies
LCSD CW/43 Michelia x alba
LCSD CW/44 Araucaria bidwillii
LCSD CW/46 Hydnocarpus anthelminthica
LCSD CW/47 Wrightia laevis
LCSD CW/48 Nauclea orientalis
LCSD CW/49 Agathis dammara 
LCSD CW/50 Taxodium distichum 
LCSD CW/51 Araucaria cunninghamii
LCSD CW/52 Elaeodendron orientale
LCSD CW/53 Toona sinensis
LCSD CW/55 Dillenia alata (syn. Wormia alata)
LCSD CW/57 Pterocarpus indicus
LCSD CW/58 Lysidice rhodostegia
LCSD CW/62 Sophora japonica
LCSD CW/64 Ziziphus mauritiana
LCSD CW/66 Dillenia alata (syn. Wormia alata)
LCSD CW/68 Cinnamomum camphora
LCSD CW/69 Podocarpus neriifolius
ArchSD CW/6 Ficus microcarpa
ArchSD CW/27 Ficus rumphii 
ArchSD CW/28 Parkia javanica
ArchSD CW/29 Araucaria heterophylla
ArchSD CW/30 Senna siamea (syn. Cassia siamea)

Old and Valuable Trees Location Map