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Stadium Security and Crowd Safety

Stadium Assistant

All Stadium Assistants are required to undergo training and are fully briefed on their duties and the points to note by the Stadium Management prior to every event, particularly on contingency measures. They are responsible for crowd control and the orderly evacuation of the public from the Stadium in times of emergency. Full support from the police officers and medical care personnel in the Stadium will also be immediately available should the need arise.

Equipment for Security and Crowd Safety

Closed circuit television surveillance systems are installed inside and outside the Stadium to observe the crowd flow on the access roads leading to the Stadium and the spectators inside the Stadium. All cameras are monitored by duty officers in the Police Command Post, Event Control Room and Security Control Room so that crowd problems can be handled speedily.

The following equipment is also installed in the Stadium for emergencies and emergency evacuation:

  • A public address system capable of communicating information to all or selected areas of the Stadium;
  • An emergency telephone system connecting the various levels of the spectator stand and the Event Control Room;
  • A radio communication system;
  • Fire service installations, including fire alarms, smoke detectors and an automatic sprinkler system; and
  • A medical room and first aid posts.