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Hire of Executive Suites

Points to Note on the Hire of Executive Suites of the Hong Kong Stadium

  1. The Executive Suites of the Hong Kong Stadium are only available for hire by companies (hereinafter known as “the applicants”) on a first-come-first-served basis. The date of receipt of the application in writing by the Stadium Office will be taken as the application date.

  2. Applicants should send a completed application form Download Word together with a covering letter to the Stadium Office either by post or by fax. The Office will issue an acknowledgement to the applicant if the application form received is in order.

  3. Applicants should note and accept the following conditions for the hire of suites:

    • The terms and conditions contained in the standard Executive Suite Agreement (the Agreement);

    • Generally speaking, existing suite holders who wish to renew the hire upon the expiry of Agreements will be given priority (but the Agreement does not contain any renewal clause);

    • The hire period is one year, two years or three years;

    • An application of which the hire period is longer and/or starts earlier and can generate the greatest revenue for the Government will be given priority;

    • For a hire period of one year, full payment of the suite hire charges shall be made by the suite hirer upon signing the Agreement. For a hire period of two or three years, the hire charge may be paid either in full or by instalments. For payment by instalments, the hire charge due for the following year shall be paid at least one month before the commencement of the year;

    • Full payment of contract deposit (equivalent to two months' hire charges) shall be made by the suite hirer upon signing the Agreement; and

    • The suites are hired on "as-is" condition, including the fixtures and fittings therein.

  4. In the event that more than one application is received on the same day for the same suite and the same hire period, the successful bidder will be decided by a ballot arranged by the Stadium Office. For the sake of fairness, the applicants concerned will be invited to send their representatives to witness the ballot.

  5. Upon the completion of all the hiring formalities, including the signing of the Agreement and the payment of hire charges and contract deposit, the suite will be formally handed over to the applicant on the first day of the hire period.

  6. The Stadium Office is not bound to accept any application and reserves the right to accept any application at any time.


  1. In general, an application for hiring a suite on a long-term basis will be accorded a higher priority than that on a daily basis for event days. However, event hirers will be given priority in the hire of suites on their event days. As such hiring arrangements are usually confirmed four to six months prior to the event, depending on the nature of the event, a suite reserved under such arrangements will not be available for hire on a long-term basis until the completion of the event concerned.

  2. The Stadium Office welcomes applications from interested parties for the hire of suites on an event basis.