Stay Arts with Arts Online Exhibition

Sha Tin Town Hall 35th Anniversary

What images does the name “Sha Tin” conjure up in your mind? The picturesque Shing Mun River? The vibrant Che Kung Temple? Or Sha Tin Town Hall with an abundance of enticing programmes to offer? In 2022, the Town Hall has already served members of the public for 35 years. A focal point of the arts and culture, Sha Tin Town Hall does not only enrich our cultural life but also grows with the community.

From the facade to the interior and from facilities to programming, Sha Tin Town Hall has been taking on new looks and keeping up with the changing times. To see how the Town Hall evolves through the decades, please visit the online exhibition “Stay Arts with Arts”. Let’s recollect the history of the Town Hall, relive some of the best moments, and explore its surroundings. Have fun!


Memories of our Arts Program 35 years of Precious Moments to Share Hang Out STTH Together