Car Park

A fee-charging car park with 28 parking spaces (including 1 designated disabled parking space)

The parking charges are as follows:

  Parking Charges for Private Car, Light Goods Vehicle and Taxi
Parking Period Monday to Friday
(except Public Holiday)
Saturday, Sunday
and Public Holiday
0800-2400 First 2 hours 2 hours thereafter First 2 hours 2 hours thereafter
$7 / Half-hour $10.5 / Half-hour $14 / Half-hour $21 / Half-hour
2400-0800 $2 / Half-hour $2 / Half-hour

Remark: 50% off discount is offered to holders of the valid Disabled Person's Parking Permit issued by the Transport Department (All discounted prices to be rounded off to the nearest dollar).

Parking spaces with cover Outdoor parking spaces