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To promote the development of the School Sports Programme in schools, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (the LCSD) has launched the "Sports Award Scheme" with a view to encouraging schools to actively participate in sports and promoting the culture of "one student, one sport" on campus, thereby helping students develop an active and healthy lifestyle.

The "Sports Award Scheme" comprises three auxiliary award schemes, namely "sportACT", "sportFIT" and "sportTAG". The first two were launched in 2006 and 2007 respectively.

This year, the LCSD will launch the third auxiliary award scheme, "sportTAG Award Scheme". By granting awards, the Scheme aims to encourage students to take an objective skill test on a sport of their choice where the skill level of a student in that sport, as assessed by the respective national sports associations (NSAs), will be used as an indicator for the training needs of that student. Besides, students are encouraged to take structured courses and undergo specialised training under the Joint School Sports Training Programme to enhance their sports skills progressively.


Content of the Scheme

sportTAG stands for: Target; At; Gold Award.

"sportTAG Award Scheme" is targeted at primary and secondary school students. The test criteria are set and awards are designed according to the skill indicators of standard skill training and advanced training of different sports. Apart from the required skills of the sport, the skill levels of students are also considered in the grading process.

Students who have reached the designated levels will be awarded certificates of the corresponding levels to acknowledge their efforts. The awards of "sportTAG Award Scheme”include Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Students who have been granted badges/awards in skill level tests recognised by any NSAs and sportACT awards of any level are eligible for sportTAG awards of equivalent levels in the same academic year. The details are as follows:

sportTAG Award Recognised Badge/ Skill Level sportACT Award
Gold = Gold + Any level
Silver Silver
Bronze Bronze


List of Skill Level Tests Recognised by NSAs and the "sportTAG Award Scheme"


Way Forward

The NSAs may consider selecting students with potential and those possessing higher skill levels to receive further training in feeder programmes, join the junior squads and eventually become elite athletes. The NSAs may also employ this grading mechanism of skills to recruit students with good performance and potential into the training framework of elite athletes and provide them with continuous training, sustaining the development of the local sports sector.

Students who have obtained sportACT, sportFIT and sportTAG awards in the past one to two academic terms will be granted sportEXCEL award of the corresponding level.