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Courses on sports administration and programme planning are organised for secondary school students, parents and teachers to enable them to assist in the organisation of sport activities and competitions at schools.
Content: The programme consists of the following three categories, school may apply for any course according to their preference:
(1) Sports Activity Organisation Course The course content includes i) how to plan/organise sport activity ii) how to be the sport leader and iii) how to conduct Fitness test
  1. Duration: 8 hours
  2. Target participants: Students at or above Secondary 3, teachers and parents.
Sport Activity Track and Field Badminton Basketball Dragon Boat Handball Fencing Football Table Tennis Tenpin Bowling Volleyball
Course Duration(Hour)
(2) Introduction course on game rules and regulations The course mainly introduces the game rules and refereeing skills for individual sports
15 12 27.5 - - - 12 - - 20
(3) Introduction course on sport skills and training It covers the training method and skills of respective sport.
- 21 16 8 26 20 18 20 12 20


Target Group Secondary school students, teachers and parents recommended by schools
Attendance Certificate Students who have an attendance rate of 80% or above will receive a certificate issued by the LCSD
Enrolment Method Details will be announced later.