sportFIT Award Scheme - Profile


sportFIT Award SchemesportFIT Award Scheme

sportFIT Award Scheme = sportACT Award Scheme (sportACT) + School Physical Fitness Award Scheme (SPFAS)



Upon launching the sportACT, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) has further launched the sportFIT Award Scheme (sportFIT) to enhance the effectiveness of the sportACT.

sportACT aims at arousing students’awareness of the importance of exercising (Awareness), encouraging them to make the right choice of sports (Choice), set their targets (Target) and then act on their plans (ACT), and thus their mental and physical fitness will be enhanced through exercising.


Criteria for the sportFIT Award

Students are eligible for sportFIT awards if they have been granted awards under sportACT and SPFAS in the same academic year. The categories of sportFIT awards are as follows:

sportFIT Awards   sportACT Awards   School Physical Fitness Award Scheme
Gold Award = sportACT awards of any level + Gold Award
Silver Award Silver Award
Bronze Award Bronze Award


  1. sportACT Awards and SPFAS Awards must be obtained in the same academic year;
  2. The qualifying period for Awards in any academic year starts from 1 July and ends on 31 May the next year.