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I. Introduction

The School Sports Programme (Special School) (SSPSS) is organised by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD). The SSPSS is conducted in line with the daily schedule of schools to enable students of special schools in the territory to participate in diverse sports activities at school during their leisure time.

II. Objectives

   - To nurture students’ interests in sports so as to foster a sporting culture on school campuses;
   - To encourage students to participate in sports on a regular basis and develop a healthy and active lifestyle; 
   - To raise the sporting standards among students; and   
   - To identify students with sporting talent for further training. 

III. Contents

A . Sport Education Programme
Students are provided with updated sports information through the following activities: 
(1) Sport Demonstration 
Instructors from National Sports Associations (NSAs) introduce the basic skills required for individual sports and rules to students. Play-in sessions will be arranged to give students a taste of the sports.
(2)  Sport Exhibition
The LCSD produced a series of display panels on sports for free use in roving exhibitions at schools. 
(3)  Visits to Sports Venues and Participation in Day Camp Recreation and Sports Activities
Trips will be arranged for students to visit the sports facilities under the management of the LCSD, including the Hong Kong Stadium, Tuen Mun Recreation and Sports Centre, Hong Kong Velodrome and Chong Hing Water Sports Centre. Meanwhile, play-in sessions will be included in some of such visits. In addition, students may participate in the various day camp recreation and sports activities offered by the LCSD’s four holiday camps, namely Lei Yue Mun Park, Sai Kung Outdoor Recreation Centre, Tso Kung Tam Outdoor Recreation Centre and Lady MacLehose Holiday Village.
(4) Hiking
Hiking activities will be arranged for students under the guidance of hiking leaders, in a bid to develop students’ interest in hiking.
(5) Guided Tour of Sports Events
Students will be arranged to watch high-level sports competitions, pre-match practices and demonstrations in Hong Kong. Representatives from NSAs will, on some occasions, provide students with commentaries to enrich their sports knowledge and enhance their appreciation of sports competitions.
B. Easy Sport Programme 
The programme aims to arouse students’ interest in sport by teaching simplified sports skills through modified introductory courses with the aid of simple equipment. 
C. Outreach Coaching Programme
The NSAs will arrange outreach coaches to schools to organise systematic sports training programmes in a sustained manner for students.   
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