Venue Arrangements

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Participating schools should, as far as practicable, carry out the activities on their school premises or arrange other venues themselves.  They may also apply for use of LCSD facilities such as main arenas and activity rooms of sports centres, squash courts and bowling greens under the Department’s Free Use Scheme.  Under the scheme, venues will be available for free use by schools from the opening time of the venues to 5:00pm from Monday to Friday (except public holidays and in July and August).  For details of the Free Use Scheme, please contact the relevant District Leisure Services Offices, the enquiry numbers of which can be found on the LCSD website (

The venues for the activities under the Joint Schools Sports Training Programme will be arranged by the LCSD.  For sports activities that cannot be carried out in schools due to the lack of suitable venues or facilities, the venues will be arranged by the LCSD or the relevant NSAs.