Ko Shan Theatre New Wing

Opened on 31 October 2014, the 5-storey Ko Shan Theatre New Wing comprises an 596-seat auditorium, an exhibition gallery, a function room, rehearsal rooms and singing practice rooms. It is also equipped with a green roof, a car park basement, a specialist store for Cantonese and Chinese opera products.

The design and layout of Ko Shan Theatre are dedicated for Cantonese opera performances, including spacious leg room between seats inside auditorium to facilitate easy access by the elderly, adequate space for costume trunks at the backstage. Most dressing rooms are on the same floor of the stage, dressing rooms and rehearsal rooms equipped with extra-high doors and great ceiling height etc.

The 600-seat auditorium at the New Wing together with the existing 1 031-seat theatre will further enhance the Ko Shan Theatre’s function as a dedicated venue for Cantonese opera with the provision of ancillary facilities for performance, rehearsals and training by established and budding Cantonese opera artists. While the New Wing is a dedicated venue for Cantonese opera with priority venue hiring policy for Cantonese opera performances, it will also be open to other arts and community event, creating an alternative platform for a variety of cultural activities for the local community and Hong Kong as a whole.

Theatre blends with natural park environment

Dedicated venue for Cantonese Opera with tailor-made facilities

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