Architectural Features

Theatre blends with natural park environment

The Ko Shan Theatre New Wing located at the original tennis courts in the Ko Shan Road Park occupies an area of about 4 000 square metres. The building is designed in a way responding to the topography of the Ko Shan Road Park and the requirement of providing a performance venue amongst the greenery of the park to promote Cantonese opera and other performing arts. With a specially designed covered forecourt at the entrance of the New Wing, plus the Chinese window lattices of the foyer, a contemporary interpretation of traditional Chinese architecture is witnessed. The glass window walls and external sun-shading wooden screens, the white stone walls and the curve-shaped foyer constitute a spectacular view of outdoor scenery. The bright and transparent design not only brings in lots of natural daylight, but also incorporates the surrounding landscape as part of its layout. By using curves and straight lines in its architectural design, the New Wing sits well with the surroundings, with an increase of greening areas.
Photovoltaic panels

Energy efficient features and the greenery design

The Ko Shan Theatre New Wing is built with various forms of energy efficient features, including a rainwater recycling system for landscape irrigation, toilet flushing by bleed-off water of cooling tower system, water cooled chillers, carbon dioxide sensors, energy efficient air handling equipment, energy efficient lighting equipment, light-emitting diode (LED) type exit signs, services-on-demand control for escalators. Photovoltaic panels and solar energy generating and lighting equipment are renewable energy features provided for environmental benefits.

Accessibility features with people-oriented elements

The New Wing has adopted the design requirements of "Barrier Free Access 2008" in provision of barrier free access to persons with disability. The barrier free ramp connected between the audience seat and the stage, the spacious leg room between each row, the handrail at the staircase are especially designed for the elderly.
The barrier free access outside  Ko Shan Theatre New Wing