Community Sports Club Subsidy Scheme - Commercial Sponsorship

Commercial sponsorship in kind or in cash may be accepted provided that:

  • the CSC shall obtain prior consent from the LCSD and the NSA before accepting any sponsorship;
  • the LCSD's image and integrity as a public body will not be tarnished;
  • the amount of sponsorship should be able to cover part of the programme expenses;
  • no sponsorship from liquor companies shall be accepted for programmes organised for people under the age of 18;
  • no sponsorship from tobacco companies shall be accepted for any programme;
  • the LCSD has the discretion to refuse any sponsorship;
  • the acceptance of sponsorship should not cause any embarrassment to the LCSD or the Government; and
  • the CSC is required to report to the LCSD via the NSA any donation/sponsorship made to the subsidised programme for inclusion in the LCSD’s half yearly publication - the CSC Bulletin.