Community Sports Club Project - Support

To promote the development of CSCs, the following technical and financial support will be provided for CSCs through the respective NSAs :

  • technical support and advice regarding the management of CSCs and the organisation of sports development programmes;
  • workshops and seminars on the management of sports clubs and technical aspects of the respective sport for members of CSCs; and
  • each CSC may submit (i) four applications which usually include three applications for training / fun days and one application for inter-CSC sports competition (with at least 4 CSCs participating in the competition), and (ii) three additional applications of enhancement programme (for training / fun days held at LCSD’s sports facilities during non-peak hours or when average usage rate of these facilities is below 30% during peak hours) per year at the most through the respective NSAs. The maximum subsidy for each application is HK$22,000. The amount of subsidy for each application will be determined on a case-by-case basis. For details, please refer to the subsidy level under the CSC Subsidy Scheme