Community Sports Club Subsidy Scheme - Programme Report

The following should be observed before applying for reimbursement:

  • A Programme Report (CSC Project), an attendance record of participants, all original receipts, photographs and publicity materials relating to the programme should be forwarded to the respective NSA within one month after the completion of the subsidized programme. Failure to do so may lead to the forfeiture of the approved subsidy;
  • the Programme Report (CSC Project) should be affixed with the official seal and certified by the Chairman / Treasurer of the CSC;
  • all original copies / photocopies of the receipts should be affixed with the official seal of the CSC. If the payment for certain items / services exceeds $3,000, then the receipts, accounts or relevant information should be countersigned by the Chairman and Secretary / Treasurer of the Club for verification purpose;
  • the number of sessions for training programmes should not be reduced without justification;
  • pay rate to part-time staff should be no less than the LCSD’s standard pay rate; and
  • the LCSD reserves the right to inspect the accounts of the CSCs by examining the supporting vouchers of the subsidized programme.