Fitness Rooms

Fitness rooms in sports venues are available for share use by users in possession of the required qualification and at the age of 15 or above who have registered as User of Fitness Rooms under LCSD. These users can be qualified under the following situations:
a. participants of the "Briefing on Proper Ways to Use Fitness Equipment" who have passed the assessment organised by LCSD;
b. participants of "Fitness (Multi-gym) Training Course" organised by LCSD from May 2006 onwards who have attained 80% or above attendance rate;
c. holders of LCSD Fitness Gold Card; and
d. holders of equivalent qualifications recognised by the Physical Fitness Association of Hong Kong, China.
Users of fitness rooms are required to complete a "Physical Activities Readiness Questionnaire - Par-Q & You"(Par-Q & You) form on an annual basis as undertaking to confirm his/her health condition being fit for using the fitness equipment. For users aged below 18, they should fill in the guardian's patron No. /alias and enter/check the guardian's email to confirm the questionnaire via the SmartPLAY system. At the same time, a message/email will be sent to remind the user that the "Par-Q & You" has been updated. The “Par-Q & You” is valid for one year from the date it is completed. If there is “Yes” on one or more questions on the “Par-Q & You”, the users should consult doctor and follow his/her advice prior to using fitness equipment. For users aged 70 or above, they should complete the “Declaration form for participants aged 70 or above” every time prior to their use of fitness equipment.
For exclusive booking of the fitness rooms by organisation, all users must be aged 15 or over and one of the users must possess:
a. a certificate of Resistance Training Instructor issued by the Physical Fitness Association of Hong Kong, China; or
b. a certificate of Fitness Instructor issued by the Hong Kong China Bodybuilding and Fitness Association.
Schools may book for exclusive use of the fitness rooms to organise fitness activities for the students under the supervision of at least one Physical Education teacher and all the students must be aged 15 or over.
5. For block booking by organisations or schools, please refer to "Booking Procedure for Use of Fee-charging Recreation and Sports Facilities".
No extension of the validity period of monthly ticket or refund of the fee paid or any part thereof will be made in case of temporary closure of fitness rooms due to inclement weather or venue maintenance, or during the Lunar New Year Holidays.