Archery Ranges

Overseas certificates should be verified by the relevant NSAs in Hong Kong.
All users of the archery ranges must inspect their equipment and safety of the gear prior to use.
For individual bookings, at least one of the users holding a recognised and valid archery level I coach certificate or above issued by the relevant NSA may use the archery range.
For group use of the archery ranges (a maximum ratio of 1:20 between coach and users), any users not holding a recognised and valid archery level I coach certificate or above issued by the relevant NSA should be accompanied by at least one coach who must be the holder of a recognised and valid archery level I or above coach certificate.
Users are not allowed to change the route settings without prior permission from the management. Any change to the route settings must be carried out by qualified persons recommended/endorsed by the relevant NSA. Any altered route settings must be reinstated to its original state within the booked session.
Each archery target can be used by several persons. The users should take turns to practise with the target. The coach(es) should allocate the facilities according to the number of participants and to ensure safety when the participants are practising archery.
Coach(es) with recognised qualification(s) must be present during the course of the activity to give on-site instructions and ensure that all participants strictly adhere to the following safety guidelines:
a. Participants should shoot within the designated shooting areas;
b. Participants should not nock their arrows unless instruction is given by the coach;
c. Participants should not shoot their arrows in any directions other than the target;
d. Participants should ensure that no one is within the shooting range before shooting; and
e. Participants should not shoot without arrows.
Persons other than the participants in the activity must stay outside the archery range.
Hirers should put used archery targets on the ground and flatten them when the practice has finished.