Conditions of Use of the Cycling Track in Hong Kong Velodrome

1. Except the persons specified in condition no. 5 below, only holders of a valid Track Pass issued by the LCSD are allowed to use the cycling track (“the Track”) in Hong Kong Veldrome.  Users eligible for the Track Pass are as follows:
(a) Those who have completed the Intermediate Track Cycling Training Course organised by the LCSD or relevant NSA and passed the assessment;
(b) Those who have passed the assessment conducted by the relevant NSA;
(c) Members of the Hong Kong Track/Road Cycling Teams A, B and C after 2000; or
(d) Holders of equivalent qualification(s) recognised by the relevant NSA.
2. Hirers/users with overseas qualifications are required to arrange for their certificates to be verified by the relevant NSA in Hong Kong before using the Track.
3. The Track is available for booking by individuals for exclusive use except sessions taken up by priority users and those designated by the Venue Manager for share use.
4. Exclusive users of the Track must be accompanied by a track supervisor or an instructor with a valid Level II Instructor Certificate issued by the relevant NSA.
5. Participants of the Intermediate Track Cycling Training Course are allowed to use the Track only when accompanied by an instructor with a valid Level II Instructor Certificate issued by the relevant NSA.
6. The maximum capacity of the Track for group training and/or exclusive use is 20 persons.  The number may be adjusted upward at the discretion of the Venue Manager.
7. For group training, instructors must possess a valid Level II Instructor Certificate issued by the relevant NSA.
8. Hirers/users are advised to take every precautionary measure to ensure their own safety and all equipment should meet the safety standards of the relevant NSA.
9. Only track bikes complied with the specifications of the UCI and/or approved by the Venue Manager are allowed on the Track. Users and their accompanying track supervisors must examine the equipment and gear before use.
10. Shoulder covered clothing must be worn. Do not wear singlets, vests and triathlon suits.
11. Users are not allowed to carry on them or put on their bicycles any object that may drop onto the Track, including music players or radio communication devices.
12. Persons other than participants in cycling activities must stay away from the Track.
13. Users must wear a solid safety helmet.  No accessories, including lights and cameras, are allowed on the helmet.
14. Bicycles with freewheels, multiple gears and brakes are not allowed on the Track.
15. Do not use brand new tyres on the Track without rubbing alcohol, white vinegar or other degreaser onto their surface beforehand.  Ride the first three laps on the blue band or at the bottom of the Track.
16. Do not use quick release spindles.  Wheel spindles should not extend beyond the track nuts for the front and rear wheels, and should be sawn off flush with the nuts and filed smooth.
17. Bar ends must be fitted and secured to the handlebars.
18. No food and drinks are allowed on the Track.
19. Do not ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
20. No dangerous or reckless riding on the Track.
21. Always follow the instructions given on-site by the track supervisor.
22. Breach of any of the above conditions may result in revocation of the Track Pass.