Amphitheatres/Performance Venues

1. Applications for hiring the amphitheatres/performance venues should be submitted to the LCSD for its approval before any cultural, recreational and sports activities (e.g. singing, dance practices or musical performances) are conducted at the venues.
2. The applicant with the approval to use the venue should be one of the users of the venue. Before using the venue, the applicant should go to the park office in person and produce the approval letter for using the venue to the office-in-charge on duty for verification and registration (if applicable).
3. The volume of the sound emitted during the cultural, recreational and sports activities (e.g. singing practices or musical performances) shall be kept at a reasonably low level in order not to cause noise nuisances to visitors or residents in the neighbourhood. Users shall also comply with the requirements of the Environmental Protection Department and the Noise Control Guidelines for Holding Entertainment Activities at Amphitheatres/Performance Venues. If the sound volume does not conform to the required level, our management staff reserve the right to terminate the activity being conducted by users at the venue immediately.
4. If the hiring organisation uses amplifiers or loudspeakers for conducting cultural and recreational activities, the amplifiers or loudspeakers shall be placed within the designated areas on stage.
5. No person shall conduct cultural, entertainment, recreational and sports activities at the amphitheatres/performance venues without the prior permission of the LCSD. The LCSD may terminate the activities immediately and the offenders will be prosecuted.
6. The hiring organisation shall keep the venue clean during the booked sessions and after the activities.
7. The hiring organisation shall take away the equipment, props, chairs, tables and miscellaneous items they bring into the venue and shall not store them within the precincts of the amphitheatre/performance venue or place them at any part of the venue.
8. The hiring organisation shall be responsible for maintaining the crowd control and order of the activity during the period of hire.
9. All passageways, entrances/exits and staircases shall be kept clear and unobstructed at all times.
10. No refreshments, drinks, commodities and publicity materials shall be distributed or sold without the prior permission of the LCSD.
11. No admission fees shall be collected or donations solicited from participants or spectators without the prior permission of the LCSD.
12. No advertisements, banners and flags shall be displayed at the venue without the prior permission of the LCSD.
13. No temporary structures shall be erected at the venue without the prior permission of the LCSD.
14. Other permitted users of the venue or public officers on duty shall not be obstructed during the period of hire.
a. The venue shall not be used for any performances in public involving copyrights, including the performance of any drama or musical work and the delivery in public of any lecture or address, without the consent of the copyright owner or his/her authorised agent.
b. If the right to perform musical works in public at the venue belongs to the Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong Ltd (CASH), the hirer shall be responsible for paying the copyright royalty charges to the CASH.
c. If the sound recordings played in public at the venue are those possessed or managed by the Phonographic Performance (South East Asia) Ltd (PP(SEA)L), the hirer shall be responsible for paying the copyright royalty charges to the PP(SEA)L.
16. If any person is in breach of the Conditions of Use of Amphitheatres/Performance Venues or the Pleasure Grounds Regulation or other current regulations, the officer-in-charge of the park may not allow the use of the amphitheatre by the person concerned. Under such circumstances, the approval given to the applicant for booking the venue will be cancelled. The LCSD shall not be held responsible for any expenses, charges, losses or damages that may arise directly or indirectly from such cancellation.
17. Under the Smoking (Public Health) Ordinance, smoking is prohibited at amphitheatres/performance venues.