Safety Advice on How to Avoid Shark Attack


Do not enter the water when the shark warning flag and red flag are hoisted.

Even when no shark warning flag is hoisted, please observe the following advice:

  • Do not swim alone.
  • Do not swim at dawn, at dusk or at night.
  • Do not swim if you are bleeding or have any open wound.
  • If schooling fish start to behave erratically or start to congregate in unusually large numbers, leave the water.
  • If a large fish is sighted in the area, leave the water as quickly and calmly as possible.
  • In case of emergency, please follow the instruction of the lifeguards.
  • Swim within the red boomline of the beach and keep away from the shark prevention nets.
  • In case of sighting of shark or shark-like object, please dial 999 immediately.