Help Keep Our Pools Clean, Enjoy Your Swim in Hygienic Pools


To ensure a desirable swimming environment, your cooperation is needed to help keep public swimming pools clean and hygienic. Please observe the following when visiting public swimming pools:

  1. Before you go swimming,

    • If you feel unwell, vomit or have symptoms of fever, diarrhoea, flu, red-eye disease or skin infection, it is advisable to refrain from swimming and consult your doctor promptly.
  2. When you are inside the pool area,

    • Please keep the changing room and toilet clean and tidy.
    • Do not spit, litter, eat, drink or smoke.
  3. Before you enter the pool deck area,

    • Make sure you put on a proper and clean swimming suit. If you prefer to wear a T-shirt while swimming, bring along a clean white T-shirt to put on in the changing room.
    • Please wash your body thoroughly in the changing room.
    • Please walk through the shower bath and footbath containing chlorinated water and rinse your body to remove dirt.
    • Please only bring in clean clothing and personal belongings to the pool deck area.
    • On the pool deck area, do not wear shoes/slippers that are worn outside the pool complex. If necessary, please bring along another pair of clean slippers, scrub the bases against a mat provided inside the changing room and spray thoroughly with water to remove any dirt. Wear your slippers to walk through the footbath and enter the pool deck.

Join Hands to Maintain Hygiene of Public Swimming Pools