Your Memories with the Timeless Theatre

Instagrammable attraction in Yau Ma Tei
The Red Brick Building has stood the test of nearly 130-year time, and it is one of the most Instagrammable attractions in Yau Ma Tei. Come and spend your day for “Your Memories with the Timeless Theatre”.

NEWS ! Your Memories with the Timeless Theatre
Cantonese opera performers usually prepare the hair, make-up and costume by themselves. The Cantonese Opera rising star, Snowy needs your help to design a fabulous costume to catch audiences’ eye. Your design may appear in ‘Your Memories with the Timeless Theatre’ mini interactive exhibition and other promotion material in near future.

Please submit your design at the back side of the promotional card via post or email, or by hand to our exhibition. The graphic can also be downloaded below.


For more inspiration, please visit:
The Chinese Artists Association of Hong Kong [Barwo Channel].
Online Class of Cantonese Opera, Episode 38, Wearing of Costume 1

The Chinese Artists Association of Hong Kong [Barwo Channel].
Online Class of Cantonese Opera, Episode 39, Wearing of Costume 2

Mailing address: Adminstrative Office, Yau Ma Tei Theatre
1/F., Red Brick Building, 8 Waterloo Road, Kowloon

Acting as One-Day-Hipster and come visit the Red Brick Building, check out how Yau Ma Tei Theatre transformed from a neighborhood theatre to a venue designated for promoting Chinese Opera.
Do not miss the selfie chance and the surprise.
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