25.35 Performing Arts Carnival

Participating art groups

31.7.2022 (Sun) 2pm-5pm

Free Admission


(Suitable for ages 3 and above)

DancingAndy and Artists

Presenting the struggles we share under the pandemic through original songs and choreography

Dance With Hope
For the past couple of years, we have experienced a peculiar situation. Affected by the epidemic, we have started to contemplate the meaning of our lives and how to adapt to the altered living mode.

Original music, songs and choreography, created from our hearts and delivered through our bodies and voice, are to convey the struggles and change in the way of thinking we have experienced and impact on us since the day ‘it appeared’! Hope is always there after crisis!

Formed by Andy Wong, a renowned local dance artist, in collaboration with local musicians and singers Music Soulmates and professional dancers. They have been active in artistic creation and education. Past works include multimedia dance theatre Separating From Separation, Body Voice and EP song Grateful.

DancingAndy and Artist
Yat Po Singers

Enjoy a cozy afternoon of a cappella music!

Yat Po Singers will bring a special A Cappella performance to everyone which includes Hong Kong’s Got Ho Ho Ho and Aunt Tea Time, the original compositions from their renowned A Cappella theatre production This Victoria Has No Secrets, the popular jazz song In the Mood and the classical Cantonese song I Do, I Do. Let the natural harmony of vocal music take you on a journey to feel the unique charm of A Cappella!

The first professional A Cappella choral theatre company in Hong Kong currently led by the Artistic Director, Ng Cheuk Yin and the Associate Artistic Director, Anna Lo. It focuses on producing and developing original works in order to promote A Cappella art and demonstrate the innovative interaction of music and theatre. It is financially supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

Raoul Chan
Sam Lau
Ronald Tsang
Winky Wong*
*The Artistic Internship Scheme is supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council

Yat Po Singers
Endor by Drip Music

A viscal journey of improvised music walks you through the streets and lanes of Hong Kong

Curated by Jazz Composer Teriver Cheung, Daydreaming is a cinematic music experience featuring Visual Jockey VJ UPO and Endor, a band formed by eight local uprising singer songwriters and jazz musicians.

As a lounger, let’s go for a walk in the streets and lanes in Hong Kong and embrace the “detour” by the surreal live effect of VJ and urban soulful jazz sound.

Curator/Composer/Artistic Director :Teriver Cheung
Music Director : Bowen L
Visual Jockey : VJ UPO
Music Unit : Endor
Vocal/Composers & Lyrics
(#1 and #3)
: Lili Forest
Vocal : Rena Leung
Chromatic Harmonica : Jerry Wong
Flute : Wong Tsz-kit
Guitar : Victor Chu
Piano : Bowen Li
Bass : Leung Chun-hin
Drums : Samuel Chan
# Co-composers of the first and third music pieces

Actors’ Family

Showcasing the best songs from original musicals by Actors' Family, quintessentially Hong Kong

The musical will run through the classic musical original songs of Actors’ Family with colourful and stunning lighting, coupled with different space and stage effect, to present Hong Kong’s century-old urban and rural development to the audience.

Actors’ Family, financially supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, was established in 1991 by graduates of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. As Hong Kong’s leading musical theatre company, it is committed to producing quality original Cantonese musicals, fostering local theatre development and enriching cultural lives in the city. It strives to produce musicals that reflect daily lives with the aim to engage audiences and promote theatre arts.

Playwright : Cheung Fei-fan
Director : Li Wing-hong
Music Director : Amos Wong
Producer : Mandy Yiu
Actors/Actresses : Rick Cheung
  Tony Li
  Freddy Au Yeung
  Angela Lam
  Melodee Mak
  Shirley Wong

Actors’ Family

Jazzical by Music Lab

Where jazz and classical music interact and fuse
(Jazzical will not be able to perform at the 25.35 Performing Arts Carnival to be held at 2-5pm on July 31 (Sunday) at the Auditorium of the Sha Tin Town Hall. Programme will be replaced by a classical music performance by KaJeng WONG.  Other programme listings will remain unchanged.)

Starting from the conventional, Jazzical modernises familiar tunes of classical music to new possibilities. Joyce Cheung leads her 13-piece ensemble, presenting a collection of familiar classical pieces fused with a jazz spirit. Jazzical brings in new perspectives for classical masterpieces by iconic composers including Mozart, Debussy, Chopin and Beethoven, etc., re-shaping your imagination towards classical music. The project features musicians from a range of backgrounds, takes inspiration from jazz and fusion, and promises an accessible, easy-listening experience.

Piano : Joyce Cheung
Bass : Jackiz Tsang
Drum : Samual Chan
Violin : Sean Lai
  Samuel Au
Viola : Tiffany Cheng
Cello : Bernard Chan
Saxophone : Siu Hin-chuen
Flute : Sernande Floro
Trumpet : Oscar Lam
Percussion : Anna Fan
Guitar : Sam Po
  Victor Chu
Trombone : Ivan Tong

HKAPA School of Dance

Contemporary ballet and Uyghur dances not to be missed

Students of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) School of Dance will present a not-to-be-missed dance works of contemporary ballet and Uyghur dances to the audience.

HKAPA School of Dance is committed to ensuring that our young dance artists receive not only the highest quality professional education and training in Dance Performance and Choreography, but also develop a broader interest in the arts and cultural studies, appreciate the relationship of dance to the wider world around them, embrace developments in dance science and technology, equip with entrepreneurism, and be articulate and intelligent advocates for their art form.
HKAPA Dance School


Fringe Activities

31.7.2022 (Sun) 1pm-6pm

Free Admission

Cultural Activities Hall


Hong Kong Puppet and Shadow Art Center

Hong Kong Puppet Show Excerpts

  • Hand Puppet “Da Ming Fu”
  • String Puppet & Shadow Puppet “Funny Monkeys”
  • Shadow Puppet “Golden Mountain Drumming”
  • Shadow Puppet “Journey to the West - Sun Wukong Hit the White Bone Demon”
  • Shadow Puppet “Redefining Distance”
Hong Kong Puppet and Shadow Art Center
Established in 2001, The Hong Kong Puppet and Shadow Art Center aims to promote and develop the traditional puppet art. The company is especially appreciated for the combination of the four traditional puppet and shadow techniques.


Hua Xia Chinese Music Association

Touring Concert: Interview with Music Maestro Touring Exhibition

Talented local musicians will perform and introduce Chinese music in this touring concert which provides audiences a better knowledge of this art form through exhibition and various activities, including the chance to perform with the musicians on stage.

Founded by erhu virtuoso Hsin Hsiao-ling in 2002, Hua Xia Chinese Music Association has presented more than 500 performances in collaboration with local governments and institutions in the Mainland China. By serving the community and promoting music education, the group seeks to contribute to the development of Chinese music and enhance artistic literacy in society.
Hua Xia Chinese Music Association

Exhibition Gallery


The Radiant Theatre
VP Logo
* "PLAY Theatre" Interactive Experience
Audience to be seated on floor
Quota: 80

Participate in the theatre in an energetic way! Through Radiant’s "PLAY Theatre" Interactive Experience, audience have a chance to act as the characters of "The Little Red & Three Little Pigs" and take part in the development of story line by playing different games.

Trinity Theatre hopes to create resonance with audiences. They see communication as incredibly important. Inspired by everyday encounters, their vivid energetic original productions and workshops allow audiences to get into theatre, seeking to popularise theatre in Hong Kong. Hopefully, the theatre could become the medium in sharing collective memories among Hong Kong citizens.

The Radiant Theatre seeks to put forward family entertainment productions in which both adults and kids could run into the story genuinely and sincerely. To them, theatre is a playground with enjoyment and joy for everyone. Their past productions are categorised into different series, such as musical series, “Pillow Talk” series, the new series “Mini PLAY” etc.
Hua Xia Chinese Music Association

Hong Kong Dance Company
* Chinese Dance Performance cum Interactive Workshop
Quota: 80

Join us for a relaxing afternoon to appreciate various pieces by Hong Kong Dance Company’s dancers, including folk dance, dance of zodiac animals from “Magical Adventures of Baby Polar Bear and the 12 Zodiac Animals”, and excerpts of “Red poppies” which is a grand dance drama adapted from the eponymous novel with honor of China’s most prestigious book prize established by writer Mao Dun.

Established in 1981, the Hong Kong Dance Company (HKDC) was incorporated in 2001 as a charitable and non-profit-making institution, and is financially supported by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. In 2018, HKDC became a venue partner of Sha Tin Town Hall. As one of the nine major performing arts companies in Hong Kong, the mission is to promote Chinese dance with contemporary artistic visions and Hong Kong character.

Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, HKDC has staged over 100 productions over the decades, many of which were highly popular with critical acclaim. Recent productions include “The Legend of Mulan”, “Red Poppies”, “Spring Ritual·Eulogy”, “The Butterfly Lovers”, “Storm Clouds”, “L’Amour Immortel”, “Dream of the Past: Ancient Chinese Court Dances”, “Reveries of the Red Chamber”, “Chinese Hero: A Lone Exile”, ”Vipassana, Lady White of West Lake”, “Tale of Three Cities”, “Waiting Heart”, “Liu Sanjie” etc.


The Cantonese Opera Advancement Association
*Children’s Cantonese Opera Workshop
Quota: 80

In the world of Cantonese opera, strength is presented by the soft water sleeves, smoothness is shown by the sparring of spears, and old stories are told by words and songs with literary values. Want to join the imaginary world with little artists?

The Cantonese Opera Advancement Association was registered as a non-profit making organization and became a venue partner of Sha Tin Town Hall in 2008. With a desirable performance platform for production and creation, COAA has organised different professional Cantonese opera performances at the auditorium of Sha Tin Town Hall every year, and has a mission to foster the growth and development of junior Cantonese opera troupes. With a true heart to motivate the participation of the public, COAA has also organised various free audience building activities, such as “Cantonese Opera Funday”, “Cantonese Opera for Families and Students”, “Workshops of Cantonese Opera Movement and Accessories Making” and “Audio Description Scheme in Cantonese Opera”.

Production: Sing Fai Cantonese Opera Promotion Association

Music Studio


Musical Trio
*K-pop Dance Demonstration Workshop
Quota: 30

The workshop includes demonstration performances and simple dance instructions, which is suitable for people of all ages to participate and learn about the parent-child activities of K-pop dance together.

Musical Trio insists on the exploration and development of musical theatre from its roots. Our productions are based on the theories and experiences where the form of musical theatre has been originated. We aim to showcase the rich variety in musical theatre to audiences and allow our local culture and social characteristic to prevail in the exploration of the form of musical theatre that belongs to us.

Instructor: Po Hon
Hua Xia Chinese Music Association

Tai O Cultural Association
“A Tale of a Harbour” Musical
By introducing an innovative art form with interaction, “A Tale of a Harbour” aspires to share the stories of the floating homes and guide participants in artistic expression focusing on traditional arts and culture in Tai O. In projecting positive energy, hopefully the programme will help families in the modern world out of their predicament.

Established in 2017, Tai O Cultural Association aims to “reinterpret culture in innovative ways”. In collaboration with the indigenous community of Tai O, it presents their oral history and traditional skills in innovative forms, such as environmental theatre and multi-arts to preserve the cultural heritage of this unique fishing village.
Hua Xia Chinese Music Association

Dance Studio


East Kowloon Cultural Centre
‘Into the EKCC’: Experiencing the Optical Tracking Camera System

East Kowloon Cultural Centre (EKCC), now under construction at Ngau Tau Kok, strives to promote the development of 'Arts Tech’. ‘Into the EKCC’ will first introduce EKCC and demonstrate how technology can be applied in performing arts activities.
Hua Xia Chinese Music Association

*Workshop Arrangements

  • Admission by ticket with free seating. Limited places available on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Tickets will be distributed at the Enquiry Counter of Sha Tin Town Hall from 12 noon on the day of the workshop.
  • There is a limit of two tickets per person.
  • Reserved places will be released in case the ticket holders do not show up within 10 minutes after the workshop has started.
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes are advisable.
  • In the event of any dispute regarding ticket distribution and seating arrangements, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department’s decision shall be final and conclusive.

Free admission for all programmes. Tickets are required for workshops only.
Information provided by the arts groups
The presenter reserves the right to change the programme and substitute artists.

Programme Leaflet

Enquiry: 2694 2560