Division & Quota | Tennis

Singles Men's A Grade 60 or above 24 players
Men's B Grade 55 – 59 32 players
Men's C Grade 50 – 54 64 players
Men's D Grade 45 – 49 64 players
Men's E Grade 40 – 44 64 players
Men's F Grade 35 – 39 32 players
Women's A Grade 55 or above 16 players
Women's B Grade 50 – 54 24 players
Women's C Grade 45 – 49 32 players
Women's D Grade 40 – 44 32 players
Women's E Grade 35 – 39 16 players
Men's A Grade 55 or above 8 teams
Men's B Grade 45 or above 32 teams
Men's C Grade 35 or above 32 teams
Women's A Grade 50 or above 16 teams
Women's B Grade 35 or above 16 teams
Mixed A Grade 50 or above 16 teams
Mixed B Grade 35 or above 32 teams

Points to note:

  1. Applicants should be aware of their health condition, and consider whether it is suitable for them to enrol in this Games. In case of doubt, please consult a doctor prior to the enrolment of activity.
  2. Each applicant may enrol in a maximum of one singles event and one doubles event and pay the enrolment fee once. To facilitate the ballot arrangement, the applicant should submit separate enrolment forms for singles and doubles events with declarations.
  3. Each applicant should submit only one enrolment form for Singles and Doubles Event. In case of multiple submissions, all enrolment forms submitted by the applicant will not be entertained.
  4. For better resource utilisation, the Organiser reserves the right to adjust the quota for each division with reference to the enrolment response. The applicants/participants should have no objection.
  5. For participants entering the doubles event, the division they enter shall be the one to which their youngest team member belongs.
  6. If there are less than two participants/teams for a particular division, the Organiser reserves the right to combine it with a division of younger age or cancel all events in that division.
  7. If a participant who has enrolled in singles event wishes to enrol in doubles event as well; or a participant who has enrolled in doubles event wishes to enrol in singles event as well, he/she should submit a fresh enrolment form and declaration by producing his/her identity documents and other related document(s), together with the receipt of the enrolled event for fee exemption during the new enrolment.
  8. Applicant providing false information will be disqualified. His/her results attained will be cancelled. Enrolment fee will not be refunded.
  9. For easy communication, the applicant should notify the organiser immediately in writing of any change of his/her correspondence address.