Division & Quota | Tai Chi

Tai Chi Chuen Men’s Individual 109 persons
Women’s Individual 132 perons
Team’s Open
(5-10 persons/team)
34 teams
Tai Chi Sword Men’s Individual 66 persons
Women’s Individual 124 persons
Team’s Open
(4-8 persons/team)
22 teams

Notes to Applicants:

  1. Applicants should consider whether they are physically fit to take part in this competition. In case of doubt, please consult a doctor.
  2. Applicants/teams may perform any schools of Tai Chi Chuen/Sword in the competition but they have to indicate the name of school to be performed in the enrolment form clearly.
  3. Each applicant may enrol in a maximum of one individual event and one team event. To facilitate the balloting arrangement, a separate Enrolment Form should be submitted for each event to be entered.
  4. Each applicant shall submit only 1 Enrolment Form for each event to be entered. In case of multiple submissions or incomplete information, the Enrolment Form(s) will not be accepted.
  5. Participants/teams must perform in the school specified in their enrolment forms, and amendment on site is not allowed. Those who wish to change the participating school must submit their application in writing to the Organiser on or before 1 November 2016.
  6. For better utilisation of resources, the Organiser may adjust the quotas of divisions in view of the enrolment response. Applicants or participants shall have no objection.
  7. If there are less than 2 persons/teams entering a division, the Organiser has the right to cancel all the events in the division.
  8. Participants providing false information will be disqualified from all events. Their competition results will be cancelled and the enrolment fees paid will not be refunded.
  9. To facilitate communication, applicants shall notify the Organiser in writing immediately of any change in their correspondence address.