The Clever Elderly


Our dear “old friends”, to be fit and smart, we recommend you to …

As daily routine:

  • Get off the vehicle one or two stops earlier and walk to your destination.
  • Go to the park to do your morning exercises, with exercises such as Tai Chi, Baduanjin (eight trigram boxing), stretching and walking, and use the outdoor fitness training equipment there to do some exercises.
  • Go to the elderly centre or sports venue in the afternoon and join some training classes and fun-for-all activities such as fitness exercise for the elderly, hydro-fitness exercise, gateball, lawn bowls, yoga and dancing.
  • Take a walk in the park after meal.
The Clever Elderly

On holidays :

  • Invite your family or friends to engage in your favourite exercise with you. This will not only foster your interest in physical activity but also enhance your communication with your family and friends.

At home:

  • Do some housework to improve your mobility.
  • Use lightweight dumbbells or water bottles (1 to 2 pounds in weight) to do some muscle training or balancing exercises when watching television.
  • Do deep and long breathing exercises at night for better sleep.
  • Move your joints and stretch your muscles regularly to relax the tense and fatigued muscles if you have been repeating the same movements or maintaining the same posture for a long period of time.

For more information about the fitness exercises for the elderly, please visit the following website:

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