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HUI Yat-hay


HUI Yat-hayTennis, an exciting and enjoyable sport, demands a very high level of strength and physical fitness, for players must respond in a blink of the eye.  It also requires players to be well versed in a range of skills in order to excel on the court.  These may present challenges for girls, but HUI Yat-hay, a 10-year-old tennis prodigy, is an exception, since her journey in tennis has been embarked upon at the age of two.  Thanks to her impressive aptitude for the sport, as well as composed and collected temperament, this rare left-hander is on the rise to become a budding youth player.


A Girl Growing up on the Tennis Court

Many children develop their hobbies under close influence of families, and HUI is no different.  Tennis, her family sport, has become a part of her life since very young.  Back then, every two weeks, her family gathered to play tennis.   She saw them play, while helping to collect tennis balls.  Based on observations, she tried to imitate their postures and swings, thereby unknowingly falling in love with the sport.  “At first, I just found it fascinating how tennis balls passed over the net at an incredibly high speed.  Besides, the crisp sound of the ball being struck during televised matches fascinated me and made me wonder how it would look like if I tried the sport out.” HUI recalled.  At the age of eight, she started learning tennis.  With great guidance from her coach, she won the first place in her third individual tennis tournament.  Her subsequent notable successes brought her a profound sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, driving her to work hard in pursuit of advancement in her tennis career.


Learning from her Hero

HUI recalled her first tournament, where she was overwhelmed by the fear, and vomited and had even diarrhoea due to lack of confidence.  She soon tried to learn from her tennis idol.  “The Swiss Maestro, Roger Federer, has always been regarded highly of by my whole family as the idol.  We often watch his games together, very eager to learn his skills and mindset.  He is not only renowned for his unparalleled talent on the court but is also steeped in humility, showing impressive resilience in the face of adversity and never-say-die spirit to turn the tide” HUI explained.  Despite her young age, she fully understands the significance of staying consistent, calm and focused during competitions.  Furthermore, she learns to adopt a positive mindset in facing both success and failure, recognising that victory and failure are the norm in all games.  What counts is to believe in yourself and strive for excellence.


HUI Yat-hayParents: Children’s Strongest Backup
For children's development in sports, family care and support actually play a pivotal role in nurturing young athleptes.  HUI spends 11 to 12 hours a week on training, and so cherishes so much the time playing tennis with her father.  In addition, her parents always come to see her play in each and every match to cheer her on. “Before competitions, my parents always advise me to let go of worries and embrace the joy of the game,” HUI shared.  “They encourage me not to give up easily and give it my all so that I will not have regrets later.  They also remind me that it is my show time during which I must bring myself into full play!”  Such encouraging words made her filled with power and courage to face the outcome of her games, be it victory or defeat, allowing her to exhibit her finest skills and relish every moment of playing tennis.


Hoping to Represent Hong Kong in the Future

An experienced tennis player, HUI inevitably faces obstacles and suffers injuries in her tennis career.  Luckily, with support from her family and mentors, she remains resilient and never thinks about giving up.  She hopes to strike a better balance between tennis and studies.  “I have great passion for tennis,” HUI expressed.  “Seeing myself well and able to go from strength to strength is both exciting and amazing.  Whenever I face a difficult opponent, regardless of the outcome, I am driven to hit the practice courts right after the match to address weaknesses.  It truly bothers me when opponents outplay me, and so I will become ever more determined to learn and train harder, with a view to moving towards my next goal.”


Planning to reappear at this year’s Nissin Hong Kong National Junior Tennis Championships, HUI finds herself fully engaged in training for the competition, where she will focus on enhancing her concentration, serving power and speed.  She anticipates to compete in the event in her peak form, hoping to walk away with the championship.  Her coach highlighted that participating in a wider range of tournaments such as those organised by the China Recreation Club, Hong Kong and the South China Athletic Association would be beneficial to her as she could gain invaluable experiences.  Inspired by the local esteemed competitive swimmer, Siobhán Haughey, HUI aspires to follow in her footsteps and represent Hong Kong to compete in international events one day, bringing glory to the city.

Group photo of HUI Yat-hay