From the Editor


To assist National Sports Associations (NSAs) in setting up community sports clubs and to provide funding support for the latter to organise sports development programmes, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) launched the foundation and advanced courses on management of community sports clubs.  It is reported in the “Featured Report” in this issue that guest speakers were invited to the graduation ceremony of the courses for 2022/23 to outline their views on and feelings toward the future development of community sports.


During hot summer months, water sports are often the favourite activities for many citizens. We will introduce the Hong Kong Life Saving Society (HKLSS), an organisation tasked with safeguarding water safety, in the “Portraits of National Sports Association” this time. Established as early as in 1956, the HKLSS has spared no effort in promoting life-saving work over the years, while helping raise public awareness of water safety.  Members of Hong Kong Life Saving National Squads, renowned for their life-saving skills, has in the past achieved notable results in international competitions.  Those interested are welcome to enrol on life-saving training courses to equip themselves with the skills that they will need to rescue those in danger.


A dragon boating veteran with many championships all over the world, LEE Kin-ho will share his enthusiasm for dragon boating in the “Sports Hero” this time, highlighting the key elements of this sport which include mutual trust and reliance, teamwork and tacit understanding among teammates.  LEE hoped that the Hong Kong team could reach another milestone of excellence in competitions, thereby arousing public interest in the sport, while preserving and passing on to future generations this traditional culture.


Reputed as “the fastest game on two feet”, lacrosse is a ball game with the highest ball speed reaching 177 km/hour.  In addition, this sport also requires individual skills and a high level of teamwork, to be played in line with tactics, making it an exciting and spectacular sport.  Those wishing to know more about lacrosse may read the “Sports Recommendation” in this issue.


It is said that children develop their hobbies under close influence of families.  HUI Yat-hay, our interviewee for this issue of “New Stars”, saw her family play tennis from as early as the age of two, thereby unknowingly falling in love with the sport.  With encouraging support from her parents, HUI hoped to strike a better balance between studies and training in pursuit of advancement in her tennis skills.   It was her aspiration to represent Hong Kong to compete in future international events, winning championships for the city.


Breaking will be introduced as an official event at the Paris Olympics in 2024, surely making it a trendy sport.  Originated from hip-hop culture, breaking emphasises a combination of individuality and techniques where breakers must have sound skills in performing on stage, being able to demonstrate their vigour and power.  For details, please refer to the “Sports Kaleidoscope”.


A total of 10 staff members from various NSAs were recognised for their contributions to their NSAs as well as to sports.  Please note the “Sports Kaleidoscope” for details. 


In the “Latest News on Recreation and Sports” this time, we will cover the upcoming Master Games and 9th Hong Kong Games, in the hope of bringing together athletes from across the city to showcase their best skills in the events.  Meanwhile, the LCSD has stepped up its promotion efforts on urban sports, in particular organising play-in events with the theme of urban sports that are specially designed for young people, enabling them to enjoy the fun of sports.  What is more, with completion of the refurbishment works, the secondary indoor pool, 50-metre main outdoor pool, diving pool and training pools of the of Morse Park Swimming Pool in Wong Tai Sin District have been reopened since April, so that members of the public can enjoy swimming in all kinds of weathers.