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Graduation Ceremony of the Advanced Course on Management Development Programme of Community Sports Club for 2022/23

Graduation Ceremony of the Advanced Course on Management Development Programme of Community Sports Club for 2022/23


To assist National Sports Associations (NSAs) in setting up community sports clubs and to provide funding support for the latter to organise sports development programmes, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) launched the foundation and advanced courses on management development programme of community sports club.  The advanced course is offered to those students who have completed the foundation course, with the aim of enhancing the understanding of those involved in promotion of community sports development in management of sports clubs through theory teaching and practicum, and cultivating more managers for community sports clubs, thereby further enhancing the management of NSAs and their community sports associations.


The graduation ceremony of the advanced course on management development programme of community sports club (the course) for 2022/23 cum sharing session was held at the LCSD Headquarters on the afternoon of 5 March 2023.  This year’s graduates were required to have an in-depth understanding of the management of NSAs and complete a series of practicum sessions, in a bid to further enhance their event planning and promotion skills.  As such, more managers for community sports clubs will be nurtured in the future.


At the sharing session, Professor CHOW Bik-chu, Head of the Dr. Stephen Hui Research Centre for Physical Recreation and Wellness of the Hong Kong Baptist University, TSANG Ka-pui, Senior Research Project Assistant, and LEE Chi-kong and KONG Tsz-yeung, instructors of the course, were invited as guest speakers to share their views on the future development of community sports clubs.  The audience found the sharing of views very interesting, insightful and useful. 


The first to speak was Professor CHOW Bik-chu, who advised the graduates to put what they have learnt into practice and fully apply the theories to the management of community sports clubs, in a bid to organise more sports activities in community, thereby making significant contribution toward sports development in Hong Kong. 


TSANG Ka-pui introduced the Jockey Club Mus-Fit for Health Project (the Project), an elderly health management promotion plan aimed at the elderly aged between 50 and 70.  He said that their social lives were greatly hindered due to the COVID 19 epidemic.   Such being the case, it became imperative for the senior citizens to learn how to socialise with others and take part in sports with use of technology.  Under the Project, participants would make good use of technology to devise personalised sports training programmes, which focused on meeting their functional fitness needs through a range of training activities, covering such aspects as muscle strength, endurance, flexibility and sense of balance.  The goal was to assist the elderly in adopting healthy and active lifestyles under a new normal.


The team in charge of the Project comprises professionals from various backgrounds, ranging from the professors, lecturers and researchers at the Department of Sports and Health Sciences, physiotherapists to fitness trainers, tailor-making targeted exercises suitable for the elderly.  TSANG Ka-pui stressed that, despite a wealth of online information easily assessable to members of the public, they must equip themselves with correct knowledge of exercise training, while doing such targeted exercises under professional guidance to ensure safety and effectiveness.  The content of the course is designed based on the recommendations made by the professional team, with a special focus on meeting the needs of the elderly.  A “Training Ambassador” will teach participants the correct movements and salient points to note during the course, allowing the participants to do exercise safely at home by themselves.


At the end of the sharing session, the graduates were presented the Certificate of Advanced Course on Management Development Programme of Community Sports Club by the representatives of the LCSD, and subsequently shared their experience of practicum in groups.  It is believed that they will utilise the valuable knowledge acquired to enhance management efficiency of community sports clubs, popularise sports activities at the community level, nurture and cultivate more outstanding managers for community sports clubs, in the hope of increasing Hong Kong’s sports resources and further enhancing its sporting competitiveness.


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2023/24 Community Sports Club Management Development Programme


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     Programme Period: January 2024    Enrolment Period: December 2023


For details of the 2023/24 Community Sports Club Management Development Programme, please contact Community Sports Club Unit of LCSD at 2601 8904.