Ticketing Arrangement for Wheelchair Users

Seating Arrangement

A limited number of wheelchair seats, each accompanied with one minder seat, are available at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium for wheelchair users attending events with admission tickets.

Ticketing Arrangements

Tickets of paid admission events are normally put on sale one month in advance. Patrons may watch out for the announcement by event organizer or call up the URBTIX enquiries hotline 3166 1100 (10:00am – 8:00pm daily) for general enquiries.

There are equal number of Wheelchair Seat Tickets and Minder Tickets. Each wheelchair patron is entitled to purchase only one ticket for his/her minder. Each reservation or purchase is limited to a maximum of two Wheelchair Seat Tickets and two Minder Tickets for any number of performances of the same event.

Wheelchair seat tickets can be purchased or reserved through the following channels:

  • Counter Booking
    Patrons may purchase tickets in person or by an authorized person at any URBTIX outlets from the first counter sale day until one hour before performance. Please visit www.lcsd.gov.hk/en/ticket/counter.html for the addresses of URBTIX outlets. From one hour before performance, tickets are only available at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium Box Office.
  • Credit Card Telephone Booking (3166 1288), Mobile App "URBTIX" or Internet Ticketing (www.urbtix.hk)
    Tickets are available for sale through the URBTIX credit card telephone booking hotline 3166 1288 (10:00am – 8:00pm daily), mobile app "URBTIX" (Android and iPhone/iPad versions) or the website www.urbtix.hk from the first counter sale day until one hour before performance with collection of a handling charge per ticket. Tickets booked more than seven days before performance will be mailed or delivered by courier to patron’s designated address directly (ticket delivery charges apply). As delivery by mail or courier takes time, tickets booked within seven days of the performance shall be collected in person at the sales counter at any of the URBTIX outlets or at the self-service ticketing kiosk upon presentation of the credit card used for booking instead of by mail or courier.
  • Telephone Reservation (3166 1100)
    Tickets can also be reserved by telephone free of service charge for wheelchair users through the URBTIX enquiries hotline 3166 1100 (10:00am – 8:00pm daily) starting from the first counter sale day. Tickets may be reserved up to three days (counting the day of order as the first day) or by one hour prior to the scheduled commencement time of the performance (whichever is the sooner). Reserved tickets may be collected by the patron in person or by a person authorized by the patron at any URBTIX outlets.

Unsold or unreserved Wheelchair Seat Tickets may be released for sale to the general public on the day of the performance. These on-the-day tickets are only available at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium Box Office.

Admission Arrangement

Wheelchair Seat Tickets are designated for persons who depend on wheelchair for mobility and their accompanying minders. When purchasing Wheelchair Seat Tickets, each wheelchair user is entitled to purchase a maximum of ONE (1) Minder Ticket at the same time. Wheelchair Seat Ticket holders must produce proof of mobility difficulties* upon demand by the venue management during admission. Venue management will refuse admission without refund, in case of non-wheelchair user or any person accompanying any non-wheelchair user holding Wheelchair Seat Ticket or Minder Ticket for admission.

* Including "Registration Card for People with Disabilities" (Physical Disability) or other valid medical documentary proof showing physical disability or mobility difficulties.

Wheelchair users with tickets may contact the Queen Elizabeth Stadium venue management for necessary admission assistance. They are also advised to arrive at the performance venue with sufficient lead time for admission.

Enquiry Hotline

Ticketing and Programme Information: 3166 1100
(10:00am – 8:00pm daily)
Queen Elizabeth Stadium (Box Office): 2591 1347
(10:00am – 6:30pm daily)
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