Conservation Corner


Kowloon Park is situated at the hub of Tsim Sha Tsui area. Despite its surrounding high-rise buildings, the park has become a wild birds paradise for its bushy trees and beautiful natural environment. Nearly seventy-seven species of wild birds are recorded at Kowloon Park e.g. Crested Myna, Sparrow, Japanese White Eye and Black-necked starling. You may see both Asian and Japanese Paradise – Flycatchers in the park during the migration seasons in Spring and Autumn.

In order to enhance/promote wild bird life, Kowloon Park has established a Conservation Corner behind the Mosque. Many shrubs are planted in the Corner e.g. Malvaviscus arboreus, Duranta plumieri, Ligustrum sinense and Lantana camara etc. Their flowers and fruits can provide food for the wild birds. In daily horticultural maintenance, we take an ecological approach: use less chemical, minimize pruning frequency, reserve fallen leaves so as to preserve the natural habitat of wild birds. We hope the parkgoers would appreciate the subtle correlation between birds and plants in order to achieve the goal-love and care for all plants and animals.

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