The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Delegation to the 14th National Winter Games of the People's Republic of China

Background Information



Organised by the General Administration of Sport of China and hosted by the People’s Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the 14th National Winter Games (NWG) were originally scheduled to take place from 16 to 26 February 2020 in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, but have been postponed to 17 to 27 February 2024 owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The NWG, held every four years, are a multi-winter-sport national event on the largest scale and at the highest level, with the aims of nurturing and training outstanding talent in competitive sports, promoting and encouraging increased participation in winter sports, as well as further enhancing the national strength and competitiveness in the area of winter sports.

The main venue of the 14th NWG is located at Hulunbuir, while the sub-venues are located at Chifeng, Ulanqab and Zalantun. The opening ceremony will be held in the Inner Mongolia Ice Sports Training Centre, Hulunbuir on 17 February 2024. It is expected that over 3 700 athletes will participate in the 14th NWG, making it the largest in scale with the most events and the highest standard in the event’s history. This is the sixth time for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to take part in the NWG since its first participation in 1999.

Competition Events

The 14th NWG comprise eight major competition events, including skating (speed skating, short track speed skating and figure skating), skiing (alpine skiing, freestyle skiing, snowboard, ski jumping, cross-country skiing and Nordic combined), biathlon, curling, ice hockey, bobsleigh (bobsleigh and skeleton), luge and ski mountaineering. There is a youth category for four of the said events, namely skating, skiing, curling and ice hockey. In addition, the sport-for-all events include speed skating and cross-country skiing.