Membership and Terms of Reference


Term of office is from 20 October 2022 to 19 October 2024


Professor Douglas So Cheung-tak, B.B.S., J.P.


Mr Michael Chan Sze-wah
Mr Aaron Raj Chandrasakaran
Ms Liza Cheung Lai-sang
Ms Rowena Cheung Po-man
Professor Ching Pak-chung, S.B.S.
Mr Chiu Tsang-hei
Dr Crystal Fok Lo-ming
Dr Allen Fung Yuk-lun
Mr Andy Hei Kao-chiang
Professor Desmond Hui Cheuk-kuen
Ms Elaine Kwok
Dr Kwong Chi-man
Mr Edmund Lai Man-kit
Mr Lau Hang-on
Mr Alan Lau Ka-ming
Ms Josephine Lee Yuk-chi, M.H.
Mr Warren Luk Hua
Ms Erica Ma Yun
Professor Joshua Mok Ka-ho
Dr Ng Tsz-yan
Ms Helen So Hiu-ming
Mr Eliott Hancock Suen
Dr Chloe Suen Yin-wah
Mr James Tong Wai-pong
Dr Jimmy Wong Kam-yiu
Ms Anna Yau Wai-yu


Ms Lo Yan-yan
Head (Projects & Development)
Leisure and Cultural Services Department

Terms of Reference

To advise the Director of Leisure and Cultural Services on a wide range of subject matters concerning the public museums and related offices managed by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD):

  • positioning, image-building and branding;
  • business development strategies including but not limited to acquisition and use of museum collections, organisation of exhibitions and education programmes, identification of research projects, sponsorship and partnership initiatives, etc.;
  • marketing and publicity strategies on the promotion of the museums both locally, in the Mainland and overseas;
  • development of community engagement strategies to reach out to a wider community and stakeholders (e.g. local artists, collectors, local and overseas museums, cultural organisations, and educational institutions, etc.);
  • measures to strengthen the operational efficiency and accountability of public museums; and
  • any other matters as proposed by the LCSD.