Science Sub-committee, Museum Advisory Committee


Term of office is from 20 October 2022 to 19 October 2024


Professor Ching Pak-chung, S.B.S.


Mr Aaron Raj Chandrasakaran
Ms Liza Cheung Lai-sang
Dr Crystal Fok Lo-ming
Ms Erica Ma Yun
Dr Ng Tsz-yan
Mr Eliott Hancock Suen
Dr Jimmy Wong Kam-yiu

Co-opted Members

Professor Edwin Chan Ho-yin
Professor Francis Chan Ka-leung, S.B.S., J.P.
Ir Thomas Chan Kwok-cheung
Mr Chan Sing
Mr Stanley Kam Wai-ming
Professor Leung Wing-mo
Professor Stephanie Ma Kwai-yee
Mr James Mok Hon-fai
Professor Raymond Tong Kai-yu
Professor Alexander Wai Ping-kong, J.P.


Ms LO Yan-yan
Head (Projects & Development)
Leisure and Cultural Services Department

Terms of Reference

Science Sub-committee is a standing sub-committee established under the Museum Advisory Committee to:

  • advise the Director of Leisure and Cultural Services on policies and matters related to the science stream of museums and related offices; and
  • perform any other functions in relation to the science stream of museums and related offices as delegated or assigned by the Museum Advisory Committee.