Performance Pledge

Processing of billiard establishment, public bowling-alley and public skating rink licence application:

We aim to provide an efficient and courteous service to all applicants for licences. However, it should be noted that reaching the performance targets set out below requires the joint efforts of various government departments and licence applicants. For example, the Buildings Department and Fire Services Department have important roles to play in the processing of licence applications on the aspects of building and fire safety respectively.

Type of serviceTargetAchievement
(a) To issue a letter of acknowledgement to the applicant and forward the application to the relevant government departments for comments upon receipt of all the required documents and inspection of the premises Within 5 working days
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(b) To issue a letter of requirements to the applicant upon confirmation that the relevant government departments have raised no objection Within 5 working days
(c) To issue a licence upon confirmation that all the licensing requirements have been satisfied Within 5 working days