Licensing Conditions

Conditions for Public Skating Rink Licence

1. The layout of the premises shall be kept in strict conformity with that shown in the final plan approved by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (i.e. the Department) and no alteration or addition shall be made to the premises without the prior approval of the Department.
2. The licensee shall not allow the licensed premises to be used between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m. for any activity specified in the licence.
3. Except with the approval of the Department, or as specified in any licence or permit granted by the Department, the premises must not be used for any other purpose or class of business.
4. The licensee, or a manager nominated by the licensee in writing to the Department and acceptable to the Department, shall conduct the business in person at the licensed premises.
5. No food business shall be carried out on the premises except with the permission of the authority concerned.
6. No amusement game machines licensable under the Amusement Game Centres Ordinance (Cap. 435) except those that are considered providing healthy entertainment by the concerned government departments and are installed with prior approval of the Department shall be permitted on the licensed premises.
7. All parts of the premises shall, at all times, be kept clean and in good repair.
8. The ventilating system must, at all times when the premises are open to the public, be kept fully in operation.
9. Each water-closet must be provided with an adequate supply of toilet paper.
10. Wash hand basin must be provided with an adequate supply of liquid soap in dispensers and clean paper towels or cloth towel rolls in dispensers or electrical hand dryers.
11. The premises shall be adequately lit to the satisfaction of the Department.
12. The office(s) and staff rest room(s) shall be adequately ventilated to the satisfaction of the Department.
13. The office(s), store room(s), staff rest room(s) and meter room(s) shall not be used for any other purpose.
14. Any emission of air either above or below the temperature of the external air from a ventilating system shall be arranged to discharge into the open air at a height of not less than 2.5 metres above ground level and in such a manner as not to be a nuisance. Exhaust duct(s) shall be connected thereto if required by this Department.
15. To keep exhibited the words "Licensed for Skating" in English and in Chinese the characters "已領有溜冰場牌照" in some conspicuous place near the door and on the outside of the licensed premises.

(Revised 5/2012)