Organ Music Programmes

With 4 manuals, 93 stops and 8 000 pipes, the hand-made pipe organ of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall, by the Austrian manufacturer Rieger Orgelbau, is one of the largest mechanically operated instrument of its kind in the Southeast Asia. This pipe organ is a powerful instrument that appeals to our senses in a unique way. Its enormous range of sounds, coupled with a huge variety of tone colours, creates a remarkable musical experience equivalent to an orchestra.

To expose the public to this powerful territory of music, the Hong Kong Cultural Centre regularly organizes various organ music promotion and education programmes including Free Recitals, Education Concerts, Music Appreciation and Performance Technique Workshops and the Pipe Organ Education Series. Eminent organists from Hong Kong and overseas are invited to give free recitals, broadening the vision of the audience and making the Cultural Centre an international venue for organ music performance. Free education concerts are organized for the schools and the public to unlock the mystery of the pipe organ by detailed explanation cum demonstration.

The Hong Kong Cultural Centre has been actively promoting the local organ education. Local young talents are invited to give public concerts to enrich their performing experience. The Cultural Centre also organizes organ music workshops or masterclasses by overseas organist-educators to enrich students' ability in performance and appreciation. To nurture the local talents, the Cultural Centre has been organizing the “King of the Instruments” Pipe Organ Education Series since 1999 to provide systematic training on basic pipe organ performance.

The Rieger Organ
of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Pipe Organ Tidbits
Organ Concert by Bertha Kum, Jason Tang and Shirley Yoeng

HKCC "King of the Instruments" Pipe Organ Education Series 2022
 (Concluded Successfully)

Organ Plus 2.0 Organ Concert by Eric Fan plus Music Talents

“Organ Plus 2.0” Organ Concert by Eric Fan plus Music Talents
 (Concluded Successfully)

Organ Concert by Jason Tang, Inez Lo & Dominic Chan

Organ Concert by Jason Tang, Inez Lo & Dominic Chan
(Concluded Successfully)

Organ Concert by William Wen & Kelly Liew

Organ Concert by William Wen
(Concluded Successfully)

The Transcendent Instrument Pipe Organ Education Concert

“The Transcendent Instrument” Pipe Organ Education Concert
(Programme details to be announced.)