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SmartPLAY: the Intelligent Sports and Recreation Services Booking and Information System of the LCSD

SmartPLAY, the intelligent sports and recreation services booking and information system of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD), has been open for public registration since July 2023 and was commissioned on 9 November 2023. Replacing in full the existing Leisure Link computerised booking system (LLS), SmartPLAY retains the original functions of the LLS, while offering several additional personalised services for the convenience and benefit of the public, allowing them to exercise with ease.

SmartPLAY is available at a dedicated website and in a mobile application “My SmartPLAY App”. Alternatively, registered users may also book leisure facilities and enrol in recreation and sports (R&S) programmes via the Smart Self-service Stations at around 240 leisure venues, including, inter alia, the 18 District Leisure Services Offices, sports centres, swimming pools, sports grounds, holiday camps and water sports centres.

Registered SmartPLAY users have access to their personal accounts and may set specific selection criteria based on preferences before searching for and booking leisure facilities or enrolling in R&S programmes. Other new functions include management of “My Profile” for keeping qualification records to facilitate future bookings for activities or enrolment in programmes, instant viewing of such booking and enrolment records, as well as self-service check-in of booked sessions and programmes.

SmartPLAY also provides a range of e-services, from online submission of various ballot applications to e-payment and refund applications. In addition to offering diversified payment options, SmartPLAY introduces a push notification function, with which users, upon setting preferences, may be automatically notified by the system of the sessions and places to be released for booking and enrolment, so that early arrangements can be made for bookings and enrolment. In the event of emergencies like inclement weather, users will receive e-notifications of emergency closures of venues or immediate cancellation of programmes, ensuring that they can get the latest information as early as possible.

It is of utmost importance for members of the public, including the existing LLS users, to register as users and complete identity authentication before being allowed to book leisure facilities or enrol in R&S programmes via SmartPLAY. They can register as users through the SmartPLAY website or My SmartPLAY App. Those using “iAM Smart” App can complete identity authentication and SmartPLAY account activation in one go. Alternatively, they may also complete the whole registration process at Smart Self-service Stations.

The LCSD held a media briefing last June to introduce SmartPLAY, its intelligent sports and recreation services booking and information system, where the Acting Director of Leisure and Cultural Services, Miss Winnie CHUI (centre), the Assistant Director (Leisure Services), Mr Henry WONG (left) and the Chief Leisure Manager (Intelligent Booking Applications), Ms Mimi LOK (right) attended.

Smart Self-service Stations can be found across the whole of Hong Kong.

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The 9th Hong Kong Games

The open selection of athletes for participation in the 9th Hong Kong Games (HKG) was held in the 18 districts between last July and this January, while its inter-district sports competitions will be held between May and June this year. Sports competitions for persons with disabilities, including Wheelchair 3-on-3 Basketball Competition, Boccia Competition as well as Invitational Competition of Swimming and Table Tennis for People with Intellectual Disabilities, are scheduled to be held from January to June this year. Athletes are, without exception, geared up to showcase skills and learn from one another during the HKG. Members of the public are welcome to come and watch the events in person to cheer on our athletes.

A community-wide event, the HKG features a range of community engagement programmes in addition to its sports competitions, in a bid to encourage greater public participation. Such activities include the 18 Districts’ Pledging cum Cheering Team Competition to be held on 25 February, “My Favourite Sporty District” voting game and the “Overall Champion of the 9th Hong Kong Games” guessing game to be held from 25 February to 19 May, Dynamic Moments Photo Contest to be held from 25 February to 9 June, Vitality Run to be held on 3 March, the 9th HKG Opening Ceremony to be held on 21 April, as well as the Closing cum Prize Presentation Ceremony to be held on 9 June.

In addition to the Women’s Futsal Demonstration Event, three new urban sports hugely popular among young people, namely breaking, skateboarding and sport climbing, will also make debuts in this year’s HKG, which will help further promote sports for all. Members of the public may show support and participate in the HKG together by various means amid the exciting atmosphere of “Our City, Our Games”.

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