From the Editor

Just recently, the Sports Commission has commissioned the Community Sports Committee to conduct the “Territory-wide Physical Fitness Survey” to collect the public’s physical fitness data in a comprehensive manner, with the aims of understanding their physical fitness level and improving the general physical fitness of the community. Over 9 300 Hong Kong citizens, aged 7 to 79, had participated in the survey. The findings, together with several recommendations, were published in the middle of last year. Its content is now summarised in “Featured Report” for our readers.

Since its establishment in 1981, the Orienteering Association of Hong Kong, China (OAHK) has strived to promote orienteering in Hong Kong. With use of maps and compasses, orienteers quickly identify checkpoints and devise the best route, in an attempt to finish the course as soon as possible. There are two types of orienteering, namely wild orienteering and urban orienteering. Despite their different sites, both require good physical fitness, a high degree of judgement and sound response to contingencies. This sport attaches equal importance to physical fitness and intelligence. “Portraits of National Sports Association” in this issue will introduce the OAHK’s work of promoting the sport in Hong Kong.

KU Oi-yu, the current Promotion Coordinator of the Hong Kong China Softball Association, has been a devotee of softball for 24 years. Selected to the softball school team at the age of 15, she subsequently became a member of Hong Kong squad, competing in the Asian Cup, and has now assumed an administrative role following retirement. KU Oi-yu, the interviewee of “Sports Hero” in this issue, tells us what being a softball player means for her and shares her ambitions.

While badminton is long recognised as an indoor sport, outdoor badminton has gained rapid popularity in recent years and attracted so many sports lovers. Thanks to the introduction of new materials, badmintons are now hard, durable, and more wind-resistant, rendering this sport less susceptible to environmental constraints. As such, the sport can now be played both indoor and outdoor. Outdoor badminton, as an emerging sport, will feature in “Sports Recommendation” in this issue.

Edgar CHEUNG Ka-long, a Hong Kong fencing athlete, made history for the city by clinching a gold medal at the men’s foil individual event during the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Fencing has since then become a sport gaining spotlight in the city. Given its growing popularity, it is no wonder that cohorts of promising fencing athletes are emerging. The interviewee of “New Stars” in this issue, Cizzy CHAN Ching-sze, is an epee fencer who represented Hong Kong to make a debut at the Asian Championships last year. She won a bronze medal at the women’s team epee event. While bringing home medals certainly brings great joy, the significance of such a milestone means far more than that. In addition, playing in such a major competition also offers a golden opportunity for her to learn. Cizzy will tell readers what such memorable moments mean for her.

The LCSD has commissioned a new intelligent recreation and sports services booking and information system, SmartPLAY, which offers many new functions. For details, please read the “Latest News on Recreation and Sports” or, alternatively, visit the dedicated webpage for SmartPLAY. Moreover, the 9th Hong Kong Games (HKG) is in full swing. In addition to the inter-district sports competitions, this year’s HKG also features a range of community activities. Let’s note down the date of the events to ensure timely enrolment!