Leisure and Cultural Services Department

  Pui O Campsite
  Chong Hing Water Sports Centre

Subvented Non-government Organization Camps/Centres

  Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong Y's Men-YMCA Wong Yi Chau Youth Camp
  Hong Kong Playground Association Jockey Club Silvermine Bay Camp
  Scout Association of Hong Kong Tai Tam Scout Centre
  Scout Association of Hong Kong Tung Tsz Scout Centre
  Scout Association of Hong Kong Pak Sha Wan Tam Wah Ching Sea Activities Centre

Other web-sites of Non-Government Organization providing tent camping services

  Hong Kong Girl Guides Association Pok Hong Campsite
  Scout Association of Hong Kong Shatin Scout Centre
  Scout Association of Hong Kong Gilwell Campsite
  Scout Association of Hong Kong Choi Chee Ming Luen Kwong Scout Centre
  Hong Kong Playground Association Tung Chung Camp
(Chinese version only)
  YMCA of Hong Kong Lamma Island Outdoor Centre
  Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Ma Tso Lung Campsite
(Chinese version only)

Campsites designated by the Agricultural, Fisheries and Conservation Department

  Lau Shui Heung Campsite   Lead Mine Pass Campsite
  Hok Tau Campsite   Rotary Club Campsite
  Chung Pui Campsite   Twisk Campsite
  Sam A Chung Campsite   Ho Pui Campsite
  Tung Ping Chau Campsite   Tin Fu Tsai Campsite
  Wan Tsai South Campsite   Nam Shan Campsite
  Wan Tsai West Campsite   Pak Fu Tin Campsite
  Cheung Sheung Campsite   Shap Long Campsite
  Hau Tong Kai Campsite   Lo Kei Wan Campsite
  Tai Tan Campsite   Shek Lam Chau Campsite
  Wong Shek Campsite   Tai Long Wan Campsite
  Pak Tam Au Campsite   Kau Ling Chung Campsite
  Sai Wan Campsite   Man Cheung Po Campsite
  Long Ke Wan Campsite   Nga Ying Kok Campsite
  Pak Lap Campsite   Tsin Yue Wan Campsite
  Yuen Ng Fan (Nam Fung Wan) Campsite   Ngong Ping Campsite (Lantau)
  Po Kwu Wan Campsite   Kong Ha Au Campsite
  Yee Ting Campsite   Shek Pik Campsite
  Shui Long Wo Campsite   Ham Tin Wan Campsite
  Ngong Ping Campsite (Ma On Shan)   Tai Mong Tsai Campsite
  Tung Lung Chau Campsite