How would you describe Christmas?
Comforting, pleasant, exciting, full of miracles? Yes! Christmas is full of endless possibilities, and that is exactly why ‘Christmas Family Screen 2019' will bring you a series of equally warm, pleasant, exciting and miraculous films!

With snowflakes falling from the sky, and families gather cozily next to the warm and shimmering log fire, there is no better way to celebrate Christmas like it does in Northern Europe! This year two films from Norway and one from Denmark are chosen to present a different Northern European vision to Hong Kong audiences. In the documentary The Arctic Camels, we follow a family living in the northernmost village in Norway, who has just bought two Bactrian camels and must take on an expedition to Mongolia to seek help from professional camel trainers.

Another Norwegian production is the beloved stop motion animation Louis & Luca - Mission to the Moon. Being the last film from a wildly popular trilogy, Louis the Magpie and Luca the Hedgehog have an even more ambitious mission this time – they are heading to the moon! From Norway to Denmark, we have the box office record breaking animation Checkered Ninja. Hiding behind a Disney/Pixar-like style, Checkered Ninja touches upon rather dark topics like child labor, death and drugs. A highly enjoyable yet thought-provoking choice for parents and children.

Leaving Northern Europe we have the classic fairy tale The Third Wish from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, in which the protagonist is granted a wish by Santa Claus. But is such a wish really a blessing? It all depends on how you define happiness! Also looking for happiness, the naughty, lazy and silly protagonist in the German production Double Trouble and The Magical Mirror creates a double of himself – who is just perfect at everything that he is not. But what begins as a jackpot turns out to be a nightmare. Adding a sense of excitement to the festival is the archaeological adventure film Ötzi and The Mystery of Time. What would it like to bring a glacier mummy back to life? This Italian production starts from the discovery of an important archeological find and ends with a great human adventure that hits our heart.

From Norway to Central Asia to South East Asia, and from the ice age 5000 years ago to the latest space competition today, ‘Christmas Family Screen 2019' shows you everything is possible at Christmas!

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