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The Film Programmes Office is responsible for organising year-round film-related programmes such as film shows, seminars and other arts appreciation activities at cultural venues in the territory.


Collaboration with Local Cultural/Film Organisations

Organisation of film programmes is mainly through "Presentation" and "Programme Sponsorship" formats. For "Presentation", the Leisure and Cultural Services Department bears all costs and retains the ticket sales proceeds. As for "Programme Sponsorship", the Department mainly provides the venue, ticketing service and publicity assistance. The production costs are borne by the cultural / film organisations which are entitled to retain the ticket proceeds.

Submission of Proposals

The Office is open to proposals from cultural/film organisations and film personalities. There is no fixed format or schedule for submission of programme proposals. All proposals submitted will be equally considered. In general, a proposal should include a description of the programme including but not limited to a project theme, tentative film list, proposed period and venue(s), biography/background of the applicant, curator, speakers, filmmakers, administrator and the proposed fee with a breakdown of costs.

For programmes of major scale, proposals should be submitted 18 months in advance. For others, proposals should be submitted 12 months ahead. Due consideration would be difficult for proposals tendered less than 9 months in advance.

Selection Criteria

The Office assesses proposals according to the following criteria:

(a) Artistic Merit - programme quality is crucial and should have an impact on film culture.
(b) Historical and Cultural Value - films of particular significance in film history or culture will be given priority.
(c) Relevance to a Special Topic - whether the films suggested are relevant to the proposed theme or topic will be taken into consideration.
(d) Audience Appeal - to cater for different sectors in the community, the assessment will take into account the tastes of both the majority and minority in society.
(e) Audience Building - whether the proposed programme has potential for audience building or carries educational value.
(f) Other Factors to Consider - room for cultural exchange, financial implication, venue availability, technical feasibility, relevant experience, merit and ability of the applicant, curator, speaker and administrator, etc. are also important aspects for consideration.
(g) Organiser - For programmes jointly presented by and programmes sponsored by the Department, the organiser must be a local bona fide non-profit-making cultural body.

Selection Procedure

Assessment will be made by the Office according to the aforesaid selection criteria at its regular programme meetings and if necessary, in consultation with the Film Advisers.

Invitation for Specialists

The Film Programmes Office is looking for specialists with professional knowledge of film and media arts to provide the following programme-related services, including:

  • Seminar Speaker
  • Moderator/Host
  • Article Writer
  • Translator and Editor (including subtitles)
  • Film Checker
  • Dubbing Artist (live dubbing in Cantonese for film screenings)

Interested parties are welcome to submit a full resume including relevant qualifications and experience together with the proposal by email ( for consideration (please specify the subject as “Invitation for Specialists”). If suitable programmes/activities are identified, we will contact the applicant.

For enquiries, please contact us by email.

Museum Expert Advisers (1 April 2024 to 31 March 2026)

Museum expert advisers are appointed by the Director of Leisure and Cultural Services for a period of two years to provide professional advice to the museums of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department on matters pertaining to the promotion of art, history, science and film, in particular the acquisition of collection items. Advisers specialising in the field of film are as follows:

(Names are listed in alphabetical order)

Name Professional Background
Mr CHEUNG Tung Joe
  • Honorary President, Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild
  • Vice Chairman, Hong Kong Screenwriters' Guild
Mr CHONG Ching, John
  • Co-founder, Media Asia Group
Mr Allan FUNG
  • Chairman, Parkway Management Company Ltd
Mr HO See Wing, Sampson
  • Veteran film critic and researcher
  • Member, Hong Kong Film Critics Society
  • Former Programmer, Hong Kong Film Archive
Mr LAM Yuk Wah, Peter
  • Director, Federation of Motion Film Producers of Hong Kong
  • Executive member, Hong Kong Creative Industries Association
Mr LAU Yiu Kuen, MH

  • Member of Advisory Peer Group (2018-2022), Creative Writings and Film Arts Programme, The Open University of Hong Kong
  • Final Year Project External Examiner (2011-2014) and Expert Consultant (2016), School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong
  • Jury Member, Chinese Documentary Festival (2008-2016)
  • Board of Director, Hong Kong Film Critics Society (-2020)
  • Board of Director, The Hong Kong International Film Festival Society (2001-2019)
  • Former Programmer, Hong Kong Film Archive
  • Hong Kong Chronicles (Film) Assessor
Dr LAW Tsin Fung, Angela

  • Programme Leader, Creative Writing and Film Arts Programme, Hong Kong Metropolitan University
  • Film scholar and critic
Ms Erica LI

  • Multimedia Producer
  • Hong Kong Scriptwriter (Film and TV)
  • Hong Kong Director (Film and TV)
  • Supervisor of Academy of Film, Hong Kong Baptist University
  • Former Creative Director, Warner Music Hong Kong Ltd.
Mr SHU Kei
  • Former Dean, School of Film and Television,
    The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
  • Film Producer/Director
Prof SZE Man Hung, Stephen
  • Professor, Department of Motion Pictures and Video, Kun Shan University (Retired)


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