About Us


We aim to promote the appreciation of film and media arts commensurate with Hong Kong's development as a world-class city and events capital.


Our mission is to :

  • enrich life by providing quality and diversified film and media arts programmes for all;
  • showcase the development and advancement of film and media arts;
  • promote synergy with cultural institutes, consulates and film organisations in enhancing the appreciation of film and media arts;
  • foster the community's interest in film and media arts through professional planning of film appreciation and educational programmes for children and the youth; and
  • promote creative independent productions of short films, videos, animations and media arts.

Museum Expert Advisers (1 April 2020 to 31 March 2022)

Museum expert advisers are appointed by the Director of Leisure and Cultural Services for a period of two years to provide professional advice to the museums of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department on matters pertaining to the promotion of art, history, science and film, in particular the acquisition of collection items.

Financial Figures and Attendance for 2019/20

I. Expenditure (HK$)

Items HK$
1.Salaries 5,702,911
2.Operating and Programme Costs 6,721,527
Total: 12,424,438

II. Revenue (HK$)

Items HK$
Total: 755,958

III. Attendance

Items Attendance
Total: 49,947