A retrospective to the past two decades


Since its inauguration on 14 May 2000, Yuen Long Theatre has rapidly established itself as a cultural landmark of the district.

The Theatre houses a 923-seat auditorium, a dance studio, a rehearsal room, a lecture room, a function room and a foyer exhibition corner. The main entrance along Tai Yuk Road is designed in context with the existing built environment, with curtain wall glazing to create a sense of lightness, transparency and cohesion between the exterior and internal spaces. Glazing for the curtain wall is laminated tempered glass and tinted green to cut down UV transmission and infra-red lights, thereby reducing heat gain. The unique bamboo courtyard in the spacious foyer has extended the ambience of serenity and tranquility of the Theatre.

With its sophisticated stage facilities including 24 remote-controlled motorised drapes, a flying system comprising more than a hundred of motorised and manual cross stage hoists, a stage wagon with revolving platform, 2-in-1 convertible orchestra shell, the Auditorium caters for a variety of arts activities as well as technically demanding stage productions. Throughout the years, the Theatre has gained wide support from local and visiting performing companies and has facilitated the development of various district arts groups. The current Venue Partner - Hong Kong Performing Stage of Cantonese Opera’s interaction with the community has been injecting new impetus to the sustainable development of the arts in the district.

Looking ahead, Yuen Long Theatre will continue to work towards our mission of promoting arts and culture in the community through the provision of quality performing arts services.

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