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OSH News Update 
01 Safety Guide on Use of Light-duty Working Platform and Mobile Working Platform (Chinese Only) 2017 Apr      
02 Notes on Electrical Safety 2017 Apr
03 Enhanced light-duty working platform (Chinese Only) 2017 Sep
Case Sharing 
01 Theatre Safety Blog
  170121 Nightclub in Bucharest Gutted by Fire – 41 Injured
  151031 Nightclub Fire in Romania Kills 27, Injures 170  
  151029 Staging Truss System Collapse Kills One, Injures 13  
  150731 Fireworks Storage Building Explodes and Kills Assistant Stage Manager  
  130716 Violinist Dies After Fall Into Orchestra Lift Machinery Pit  
02 HK –OSHC - Green Cross Magazines
  2017 May P.39 A Worker Felll to Death While Dismantling a Truss-out Scaffold  
03 Health and Safety Executive (UK) News
  181024 London Zoo has been fined £40,000 after an employee fell 2.5m from a faulty step ladder  
  170427 Girls’ School fined after teacher seriously injured in fall from height  
04 161201 Cirque du Soleil founder's son dies in on-stage accident  (只供英文版)  
Theatre Safety Notes
01 Work Above Ground (Work at Height)
Workplace First Aid Knowledge 
01 關節脫位,扯傷及扭傷 (Chinese Only) Green Cross 2017 Jan P.48
02 休克 (Chinese Only) Green Cross 2015 May P.43
03 燒傷及燙傷處理 (Chinese Only)  Green Cross 2014 Sep P.45
04 外部出血處理 (Chinese Only) Green Cross 2014 May P.43
05 眼睛及耳朵創傷處理 (Chinese Only) Green Cross 2014 Jan P.46
Publications & Other Information
01 UK – The Association of British Theatre Technicians (ABTT)  
  Non-Conventional – Theatre Space (2016 Edition)  
  RU SAFE?: Guide to running small venues (2014 Edition)  
  Interim Guidance Note 08a: Safe Use of Pyrotechnic Effects (2015 Edition)  
  COP011: Code of practice on work at height in theatres (2011 Edition)  
  COP010 Theatre Essentials (2005 Edition)  
02 UK –Health and Safety Executive[HSE]  
  HSE - Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015)
  HSE - Guidance
  HSE –Risk Management
03 Entertainment Technology Magazines (Chinese Only)  
  剛性防火幕技術雜談(二)    2017 Feb  P.27-30
04 HK – OSHC - Green Cross Magazines (Chinese Only)     
  離地工作安全 2017 Nov P.10-13
  防止手提工具從高處墜下    2017 Nov P.14-16
  吊運工作安全要訣 2017 Jul P.16-20
  職安健科學 – 何謂分貝     2017 Jul P.35-36
  預防工作時跌倒 2017 May P.26-27          
  大型活動的安全風險評估     2016 Nov P.10-14
  安全帽的配件及作用 2016 Nov P.16-18
  高處工作 安全三寶 2015 Jun P.03-07
OSH Legislation
《Occupational Safety and Health Ordinance》(Cap. 509)and sub.
《Factories and Industrial Undertakings Ordinance》(Cap. 59)and sub.
《Gas Safety Ordinance》(Cap.51)and sub.
《Building Ordinance》(Cap. 123)and sub
《Dangerous Goods Ordinance》(Cap.295)and sub.
《Boilers and Pressure Vessels Ordinance》(Cap.56)and sub.
《Electricity Ordinance》(Cap. 406)and sub.
《Fire Safety(Commercial Premises)Ordinance》(Cap.502)
Government & Related Organization Website
01 LCSD OSH Information Web
02 CSB - Occupational Safety and Health in the Civil Service   
03 Labour Department - Occupational Safety and Health Centre 
04 Occupational Safety and Health Council
05 Department of Justice - Hong Kong e-Legislation