Structure of the HKSAR Delegation


Honorary Head Mr. John KC Lee,GBM,SBS, PDSM, PMSM
Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Head Mr. YEUNG Yun Hung, Kevin,GBS, JP
Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism
Chairman of Sport Commission
Honorary Mr. WONG Chi Cho, Joe,JP
Permanent Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism
Ms. LAM Shuet Lai, Shirley,JP
Permanent Secretary for Home and Youth Affairs
Ms. LI Mei Sheung, Michelle,JP
Permanent Secretary for Education
Deputy Head Mr. FOK Tsun-ting, Timothy,GBM, GBS, JP
President of the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China / Vice-chairman of Sport Commission
Mr. LIU Ming-kwong, Vincent,JP
Director of Leisure & Cultural Services Department