Mass Participation Events

To adhere to the theme of the last National Games, the 14th National Games continued to organise Mass Participation Events. Mass Participation Events are categorised into competition events and demostration events. In the competition events, there are 15 sports, and 142 sub-items, including table tennis, badminton, tennis, football, basketball, light volleyball, shuttlecock, roller sports, dragon boating, bocce ball, go, Chinese chess, chess, bridge, Chinese wrestling. In the performance events, there are 4 sports, and 43 sub-items, which include square dance, broadcast gymnastic, health qigong and Tai Chi. The competition events of Mass Participation Events of 14th National Games are held in Shaanxi Province and the other provinces. The performance events are held virtually on the internet.

Competition Events: Demonstration Events:
• Table tennis
• Badminton
• Tennis
• Football
• Basketball
• Light volleyball
• Roller sports
• Dragon boating
• Bocce ball
• Go
• Chinese Chess
• Chess
• Bridge
• Chinese Wrestling
• Square dance
• Broadcast gymnastic
• Health Qigong
• Tai Chi

Information of participating athletes (only Chinese version is available):