Hong Kong Repertory Theatre


Hong Kong Repertory Theatre

Artistic Director: POON Wai-sum

Established in 1977 and spearheaded by the Hong Kong Government, the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre (HKRep) is the city’s longest-standing and largest professional theatre company. Since its incorporation in 2001, the HKRep operates under the guidance of its Governing Council, employing more than 80 full-time professionals including the artistic team and administrative, technical and educational staff, making it a comprehensive theatre company.

From its founding, the HKRep’s mission is to present “balanced repertory”, providing wide-ranging, diverse theatrical approaches in serving the city’s population at large. In the past 47 years, the HKRep has produced more than 500 works, many becoming classics of the local dramatic canon, consolidating its influence as Hong Kong’s flagship theatre company. The mission of the HKRep is to elevate the city’s overall cultural life, strengthen its humanistic spirit, exert Hong Kong’s advantage at the crossroad of cultures East and West, and develop a unique Hong Kong theatre aesthetic.

The HKRep has always been deeply committed to theatre education as a way of nurturing young audiences, elevating Hong Kong citizens’ artistic taste and their appreciation of theatre, thus improving the quality of cultural life. As a public service, the HKRep organises quality educational activities, including utilising the diverse potential of theatrical arts in providing adult and student theatrical and technical training to ensure that theatre becomes a part of life. The company tours regularly among schools and communities in developing young audiences and nurturing positive social values and attitudes. In recent years, the HKRep presents an average of more than 1,600 performances, community and educational activities per season, reaching more than 160,000 audience members each year.


Upcoming Programmes

Lumination of the Forgotten (18.5-2.6.2024)



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