Programme commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the Hong Kong City Hall – Artist Enoch Cheng’s Project: An experiential tour "TO ARRIVE"【Complete】

the Hong Kong City Hall – Artist Enoch Cheng’s Project: An experiential tour

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What would our perception of the future look like at different moments in time?

Time is a strange thing; it can feel short and long. Six decades ago, in 1962, Hong Kong City Hall opened, and a storm devastated Hong Kong. The future was forever changed.

In March 2022, the Antiquities Advisory Board recommended Hong Kong City Hall for declaration as monument. But it is more than simply a building complex. Here, people participated in performances and exhibitions. They read great books in the library. They had their weddings, or graduations. Here, people dream about the meanings of life.

You are invited to join this new live show designed for Hong Kong City Hall. In this experiential tour created by artist Enoch Cheng, let’s imagine both past and future to enrich our experience of present times.

Date: 28 - 29.5.2022 (Sat-Sun)
Time: 10am - 8pm (Duration of each session: Approximately 45 mins)
Venue: Hong Kong City Hall & its vicinity (Participants will be informed of the assembly point by email)
Free Admission   


1. Please download the Cantonese/English audio file in advance of the tour, as well as bringing your own mobile devices and headphones.

2. Participants shall comply with the Prevention and Control of Disease Ordinance (Chapter 599 of the Laws of Hong Kong).

Nancy Chan, Grace Cheng, Edith Chu, Joyce Lam, Macy Lau, Oscar Lau, Gina Lee, Cindy Leung, Tammy Leung, Ho-tin Li, Iris Lo, Jacqueline Lo, Elaine Lui, Jade Lui, Oi-lam Lui, Hana Ng, Stella Or, Timothy Poon, Karl Ho Sin, Joyce Tang, Annie Sze, Flannery Tse, Kiki Wong, Shirley Wong, Clara Woo, Thomas Yam, Bi Yip, Natalie Yu