Echoing Voices: Hong Kong City Hall 60th Anniversary Arts Salon Series

Our Youngest Monument: Architectural Aesthetics of the City Hall 【Complete】

the Hong Kong City Hall – Artist Enoch Cheng’s Project: An experiential tour

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In May 2022, the Hong Kong City Hall was declared a monument. For the people of Hong Kong, the City Hall means more than the first multi-purpose cultural complex open to all; since its opening, it has been the venue for various important official ceremonies. Its significance extends beyond culture and the arts. For the past 60 years, the City Hall has been standing alongside Hong Kong citizens through thick and thin as part of our collective memory.
Being the youngest declared monument in Hong Kong, the City Hall is an outstanding example of modernist architecture: a modest and functional design. Located at the harbourfront, it employs a design that ensures all facilities, except the enclosed auditoria, have sea views, creating a great sense of space. The City Hall comprises the Low Block, the Memorial Garden and the High Block, with a covered walkway connecting each element together as one fine entity. The Low Block houses a concert hall, a theatre and an exhibition hall; while the High Block houses a recital hall, a marriage registry and the first public library of Hong Kong. The Memorial Garden and the 12-sided Memorial Shrine at the centre are dedicated to the soldiers and citizens who sacrifised their lives defending Hong Kong in World War II. This unique, historically-significant modernist architecture was not only an indicator of an architecture trend in the city during the time – it is still a landmark in today’s Hong Kong.
In celebration of the 60th anniversary of the City Hall, architect/ink artist Raymond Fung and Professor Joseph Ting, both having lasting connections with the City Hall, join hands with young green architect Tony Ip, to indulge in a dialogue upon architectural aesthetics as well as anecdotes of the old Hong Kong.
View from Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens in the 60s
© Raymond Fung

Date: 18.12.2022
Time: 3pm (Talk)
4:30pm (Guided Tour) (Full)
Speakers: Raymond Fung, Joseph Ting, Tony Ip
Docent: Raymond Fung
Venue: Recital Hall, 8/F, High Block, Hong Kong City Hall
🠦 Theatre, Low Block (Due to overwhelming response, the Talk will be held at the Theatre to accommodate more participants.)
Free Registration   


1. Guided Tour is open to Talk participants only

2. The approximate duration is 2 hours and 30 minutes

3. In Cantonese

4. Limited seats (Talk: 393; Guided Tour: 30). Registration on a first-come, first-served basis

5. Free seating